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Blind Spots of the Truck Driver and Ways to Stay Out from Them

travel-462125_1280Driving alongside the huge trucks is a part of everyday travel for most of us. We have become quite accustomed to sharing the road with huge trucks. However, there are several motorists who fail to understand that the big trucks have blind spots, erroneously assuming that since the truck drivers are at a higher position, they must be enjoying a better field of vision.

Several drivers, especially the new ones do not know where the blind spot of the trucker is and this may lead to serious consequences. In most of the cases, the passenger cars bear the consequences. Bigger the vehicle, bigger are the blind spots. The truck driver's blind spots are areas where the truck drivers fail to get a clear view of the nearby objects. In case you are in any of these blind spots, you are in danger.

Blind Spots of the Truck Driver

You must be wondering where the blind spots of the truck driver are. Let us check out on the blind spots now.

  • In Front of the Truck

As the size of the truck is almost double the size of the passenger cars, the trucks take almost double the distance for stopping as compared to a car that is traveling at the same speed. Trucks cannot apply brakes as fast as the passenger cars and thus, it is better to change lanes in front of the truck only if you are maintaining significant distance.

  • Right Lane in Front of the Truck

There is a common misconception that the truck drivers enjoy a better field of vision since they are seated much higher as compared to the passenger cars. Yes, they enjoy a better vision; they can see better above the traffic and also have a better idea of the road ahead. But it's hard to see for them if you are moving side by side. Avoid driving right where your rear tires are next to to the front tires of the truck.

Other two blind spots for the truck drivers include

  • Trails just behind the truck
  • Places where you are unable to see the mirror of the truck driver

Now you know where the blind spots of the truck driver are, it's time to take steps to avoid them.

Be Patient

Remember that you must be very patient while you are sharing the road with trucks. Impatience can lead to serious consequences. Though you can always make up for the financial loss by seeking the aid of the semi-truck wreck accident lawyer in Houston, some losses, you know, are irreversible. Prevention is always better than cure. Being patient is as vital as knowing where the blind spots of the truck are.

Be Careful if you have to Overtake a Truck

If you have to overtake a truck, make sure that the truck driver is aware of your intention. Ensure that the passing lane is clear before you take measures to overtake the truck. Also, keep in mind that it takes around 25 seconds if you are passing by a large truck.

Pass as quickly as possible. Do not move side by side. If you find it hard to cross the truck, slow down. Wait for the truck to pass. After the truck passes, follow it maintaining adequate distance so that you can be seen.

If you are overtaking a truck in hilly areas, remember that trucks pick up speed while they move downhill.

Never Follow Trucks Closely

Tailgating is a strict no. If you are moving very close to the truck, there are high chances that you will fall in the blind spot of the truck, thereby risking your safety.

Truck tire blowouts are quite a common phenomenon and you need to be wary of the truck tire remnants especially in the hot weather conditions. It is also dangerous to follow trucks very closely since the view ahead will remain hidden.

Quick Safety Measures to Follow

Here are a few quick tips that will help to ensure safety.

  • Signal well in advance if you are taking a turn or need to stop
  • Be vigilant
  • Never drive or walk around a truck while it takes a turning.

The truck drivers try hard to maintain safety. But they have several limitations. It is your duty to stay away from the blind spots and give trucks adequate room to drive safely.

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