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Birthday Gifts For Drum Lovers

A tip to keep in mind, choosing the scale is a matter of taste. Whatever RAV scale you choose, the most precious is seeing the glance in the eyes of your birthday drummer!

The guests are invited and the candles on the birthday cake are about to get lighted. Everything is almost ready for the Bday party except one small detail… you have pretty no idea what present to give! If the birthday boy is a drum lover, there’s a good gift idea. Shop for him a shining new drum! But before you get in your car and race like a jet to a drum shop, take your time to learn which one to choose from the abundance of drums.

The new types of drums

You might have heard about hang drums or handpan drums – a new type of instrument that was designed just a few years ago. Your drum lover must have heard of it too as the trend quickly became ubiquitous. The new instrument instantly won the hearts of drummers, musicians and even those who were never related to music.

Today you can see a great bulk of space drum creators who are experimenting with shapes and sound. One of these experimenters is RAV Vast who redesigned a tongue drum (that is usually made out of wood and does not possess a range of notes) and gave it the amazing sound characteristics of the handpan. What they created is a unique instrument that became a holy grail for drummers and percussionists. You can compose music, mix it with other instruments, experiment with electronic recording, use playing as a part of meditation or yoga class, or simply play for your own entertainment and recharging after a long day (instead of watching series and craving carbs). A soft sound, extremely long sustain and a great variety of different scales make it a perfect gift for any drum lover.

How to choose one for your Bday boy/girl?

First, let’s make it clear. All the drums differ in sound (this refers to scale), the preferred method of play, mastery level and price. Depending on what kind of music your drum lover chooses, his experience in playing drums and/or tongue drums and handpans, and your budget, you can choose a proper drum from the big collection of the RAV drums for sale. By the way, RAV is also a great gift for children, so your drum lover can still be young and yet be able to acquire and play this precious instrument.

Options for enthusiasts (or when you are not exactly sure what to take)

If you are not exactly sure which kind of music your drummer likes, opt for versatile scales like the B RUS, D Major or B Celtic Minor. These are also great options if your drum lover is a beginner or even never tried to play the tongue drum (but has a wish to). These are also great options for kids. These scales are easy to manage and will work well both for newbies and children as there’s no way to knock out of tune. The secret is in the note sequence, and these scales require from little to no music experience. Anything you play will sound harmonically.

Each scale has its own voice. The D Major produces an uplifting “happy” sound, while the B Celtic Minor is more tranquil and soothing. The B RUS stands for RAV universal scale as you can change between minor and major key depending on what kind of melody you want to get – a cheerful one or a melancholic one.

These are also the most affordable scales in the RAV Vast collection, so choose them if you want to save the budget.

Interesting options for experienced drummer

If your birthday boy/girl is a sophisticated musician, he might like to try some more challenging and interesting scales. For those who want to experiment with oriental music, there are a few interesting options. The B Onoleo is a very mysterious scale with Egyptian vibes. Even the waters of the Red Sea can be get parted while listening to the sound of the B Onoleo to let you find the Promised Land of majestic tongue drum music. The B Arabian Night and B Kurd and are also good options for those who love oriental sound as they both have specific asian vibes.

More notes – more room for experiments. The B Celtic Double Ding has 10 notes instead of 9 and provides you an opportunity to choose between B minor and A major.

But if you are looking for something very special, don’t miss the RAV black pearl – the E Low Pygmy. It’s a very moody scale that creates an intensive vibrating sound with a long sustain that you can feel with the core of your body. This is a perfect scale for meditation as it hypnotizes the listener with its deep mysterious sound.

A tip to keep in mind, choosing the scale is a matter of taste. Whatever RAV scale you choose, the most precious is seeing the glance in the eyes of your birthday drummer!

If you have any questions, please ask below!