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Best Skins for Gloves in CS: GO

Each Counter-Strike player always dreamt about getting something valuable that may become a delight factor and look exciting during matchmaking. When old-school players desired to get knives and expensive skins for guns, the new generation preferred gloves in CS: GO. There are many unique glove designs, and each is considered exciting.

The update, which added the first 24 Gloves in CS: GO, was provided in November 2016. When the players got information about new types of skins, they started searching for the Glove case and its key through different marketplaces. And nowadays, such skins are still famous, and their amount is consistently growing. Therefore, let’s discover which are best and why millions of players admire their designs.

Top 10 Gloves in CS: GO

Each design has a high price and is considered an “extremely rare” item. They can be dropped from “Clutch,” “Snakebite,” “Hydra,” “Broken Fang,” and “Glove” cases or purchased on various platforms for selling skins.

Driver Gloves “Convoy”

It is a popular design that represents porous gloves made of leather. The internal and external surface is covered with green-brown camouflage and yellow inclusions. The factory-new and minimal wear gloves look practically the same when the other 3 options have attritions.

Moto Gloves “Polygon”

The gloves in CS: GO have an exciting design, making them look unique from the others. Its central element is a light-blue geometric pattern with black blotches. The gloves also have protective elements on the finger and palm surfaces.

Specialist Gloves “Fade”

Many players worldwide desire to get such a skin because it reminds them of the famous “Fade” pattern for knives, which is also one of the most expensive. The texture is covered with a navy blue fabric, which gives the fingers a dark purple shade. The main elements are the faded inserts on the external layer, which shimmer from bright yellow to red.

Driver Gloves “Crimson Weave”

The famous gloves can be dropped from the “Glove” and “Hydra” cases. Their simple design and fantastic look won the attention of the players. The skin is entirely made of red, and the external layer of the gloves is decorated with a geometric pattern. The palmar surface is made of brown textured material. However, the skin is vulnerable to scratches, and its well-worn and battle-scarred options have many scuffs.

Bloodhound Gloves “Snakebite”

The fingerless gloves are made of black and brown leather. The carpal part is entirely covered with yellow-brown snakeskin, complemented with golden spikes and the Bloodhound logo. The unique characteristic of the design is its battle scratches, which can be noticed even on the factory’s new skin.

Driver Gloves “Imperial Plaid”

It is a futuristic design, which many CS: GO fans choose due to its exciting look if worn by the CT side. The flannel fabric is light purple at the internal layer and dark at the external. The design looks like its primary aim is to be used during special operations. The experts concluded that both factory-new and well-worn options look lovely.

Specialist Gloves “Emerald Web”

The skin for gloves in CS: GO was one of the first and has been popular since the appearance of the “Gloves” case. The primary colors are gray and green, and the element which attracts attention is the emerald web pattern. The black inserts perfectly complement the design.

Sport Gloves “Amphibious”

The gloves are rare and expensive due to their unique and unforgettable design. Such skin is entirely covered with a light blue and white fabric, and the combination of colors forms a specific that looks like waves. The internal layer is gray and has dark blue inserts, making the gloves look amazing on the CT-side character.

Hydra Gloves “Emerald”

The skin has a minimalist style but may perfectly supplement the outfit of a T-side character. The gloves are fingerless and entirely made of black leather. The snake drawing in the center looks intimidating and adds uniqueness to the skin.

Specialist Gloves “Foundation”

It is one of the most favorite skins of the community, which always tries to catch it with a small price on the marketplaces. The design is futuristic and looks like “Asiimov” because they both have a combination of white, orange, and black. The palmar and carpal surfaces are covered with gray fabric, while the fingers have an orange-gray protective covering.

Overall, gloves in CS: GO became a vital part of the game, which is why the players visit the marketplaces. The price usually doesn’t determine the look of the skin, and that’s why even cheap gloves can look exciting and be loved by the community.

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