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Benefits of Frameless Glass Features

You may or may not be aware of Frameless glass, you will have likely seen it, but probably just referred to it as ‘cool looking glass’. Traditionally frameless glass has been mostly used in office spaces which is where most people remember it from, it’s sleek design and drastically improved ability to let light in i due to just having joins instead of frames is what people usually associate it with. You could almost join two rooms together with frameless glass they are that unintrusive they almost give the impression of not being there at all.


Since the days of frameless glass being assigned to office space, a lot has happened. The potential of the design and possible features has been grasped with both hands by specialists such as The Frameless Glass Company and worked upon until what can only be described as things of beauty.

Even better still, the enhanced products are available for home design right now, creating a whole new world of customization and bespoke aesthetics to any new build or as an upgrade from traditional products in your family home.

The benefits

Flexibility – with the introduction of frameless glass product in your home, you can create spaces that were not practical before. One of the biggest reasons people go for the sliding doors is so that they can have the benefit of two rooms joined together and then, when they need the spaces to be contained or ‘private’ the doors can be pulled shut to create a divider.

Perhaps you have limited space on your patio and doors that open outwards are a real hassle, with frameless glass sliding doors those issues are a thing of the past, you can easily pull them open and close without knocking into anything.

Untouchable design and style options

Most houses have some kind of issue with space, if yours does too, then this blog about making your home feel spacious is worth a read. There are some products available that can be fitted in almost any configuration, making the most use of spaces that were once useless.

Because the majority of frameless glass products are made using panels the fitment can be unique to your space, you can add or swap out panels in the design and fit stage to figure out which arrangement will look best.

Unbelievable safety and security

Windows and doors, any opening for that matter is a weak spot on a home’s design, any entry point is a target for any opportunists that fancy their luck, as such the least parts that are used. Due to their design frameless windows and doors are up to 5x stronger than conventional products.

There are numerous designs available, some of the best in terms of security have the locking system mounts on the inside and if you have a design with panels that open, you could have a lock on each one of the panels. On top of that, if the design has top hung panels, they have proved nearly impossible to pull off of their tracks.

Beautifully elegant, truly stunning to look at.

The look of these products up close and from afar is absolutely superb, the thinner the join, the better the products look, if you are into TV’s, monitors or mobile phones then you will most likely appreciate how much better a thinner bezel looks compared to a 4-inch piece of black plastic that does very little by way of aesthetics.

The same goes for mobile phones, we see manufacturers going for curved screen designs and in some cases, foldable phones that enable for double the screen space, the whole idea is to see more and do more, precisely the same concept with frameless glass products.


Frameless glass products are specialist pieces of equipment and as such they will need to be fitted with the utmost of care and attention to detail. A lot of businesses have suffered over the last couple of years, detailed here so try and find a local specialist with a view of supporting the local economy.

The fitting, usually entails an inventory of different services, you will want to have an initial sit down to talk through your vision and ideas, the design team can help you to map out the design virtually with 3d mapping software. The installation is as important if not more important that the products that you choose so be sure to employ a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

If you have any questions, please ask below!