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Benefits Of Countertop Basins

There are plenty of choices when it comes to basins. Some of them are:

  • Price
  • Shape
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Placement

When one talks of placement of the sink, it is relevant to note the versatility and appeal of countertop basins. They have become popular for many reasons which encompass aesthetic appeal and practical or functional aspects.

Interesting look

Countertop Basins

If you look at a countertop basin, it will seem as if it has simply been placed on top of the counter so this results in a very interesting look. Unlike the traditional ‘sunk into the counter’ basin, a countertop basin will stand up and apart – literally and figuratively.

Surrounding space

Having a countertop basin also gives you extra space around or on the counter. There is no need to place soaps, bathroom essentials and hand wash solutions in the cramped space around the taps – you now have the entire counter to play around with!


You also get to add additional storage under the counter. If you create the counter well, you can achieve two things:

  • Hide unsightly plumbing.
  • Enhance your storage space.

Both these aspects lend to the beauty of any bathroom or space using a countertop basin.


A countertop basin is also popular because it comes with extra height. So if you choose the height of your tap accordingly, you do not have to bend too much to use the basin. That is an advantage in more ways than one is it not? You can choose a basin which comes with high walls or sides so it protects even more against splashing and you can enjoy the luxuriousness of rinsing your face and hands every time you use the basin.

Classic appeal

A countertop basin also has a classic appeal to it. Imagine those retro times when people washed at a bowl that was placed on top of a raised surface. In modern times, this ‘bowl’ has been converted to a countertop basin. Considering that countertop basins also come in a –no-tap’ type, you can choose one such basin and stand a big, colorful, earthenware jug next to it. Whenever you want to use the basin, pour the water out from the jug and you will feel the old world charm rushing at you!

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