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Be Aware of Accidents That Can Occur While Dining Out

When heading to a restaurant for dining out, you, of course, expect good service and good food, as well as a safe environment. The last thing you can expect is a serious injury. Unfortunately, every year many people get injured in restaurants due to poor hygiene, lack of food safety measures, slip and fall, improper maintenance, and other problems.

Some of the most common injuries that can happen in a restaurant occur as a result of:

1 ] Uneven or slippery floors

According to the Floor Safety Institute, more than four million restaurant visitors and workers are injured in this country each year due to slips and falls and trips and falls. Uneven tiles, spilled beverages, food, and other problems can easily create a hazard, and can be exacerbated by ambient lighting in many areas of the dining room.

2 ] Foodborne illnesses

Improperly prepared food – especially food that is not prepared at the right temperature – can cause serious and even life-threatening illness. Proper hygiene is also essential in the kitchen, as is proper selection of employees so that they do not have communicable diseases and follow proper food preparation instructions.

3 ] Assaults and crime

Restaurant owners whose businesses are located in high-risk areas may need to hire security personnel or staff to park cars and other services to keep their customers safe. If diners are attacked or robbed while entering or leaving a restaurant due to a lack of security, they may have the right to sue the owners.

4 ] Parking accidents

In the event of pedestrian or car accidents in the parking lot belonging to the restaurant, restaurant owners may be held liable if they failed to provide proper signage and lighting or failed to properly maintain the parking area.

5 ] Falling objects

Restaurants don’t consider it, but falling objects can pose a significant danger in restaurants. Many establishments update their décor often or install unusual pieces – such as unique lamps – to create a certain atmosphere. If any piece of decoration or building material falls on a diner, the owner can be held liable. A similar claim can be made if something falls from the second floor of the restaurant to the first floor or if a server throws away a tray or other object in a restaurant.

6 ] Burns

Hot soups, drinks, and meals can cause serious burns if poured into diners. Diners can also hurt themselves if food and beverages are heated to extreme temperatures. Restaurant owners and workers are responsible for food being served to tables at the right temperatures.

There are a few things diners can do to reduce the risk of injury. For example, they may remain aware of their surroundings and report any unsafe conditions. Ultimately, however, it is the owner of the company who has an obligation to care for and ensure that conditions are safe for customers.

Get Answers

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or food poisoning in a restaurant, it is important to get answers. Your injuries can be serious, and you may have suffered fractures, head injuries, or other serious long-term injuries. To find out what legal avenues you may have, contact the Law Offices of Jared Spingarn Accident Attorneys P.A.

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