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Millionaire Trader by Oliver Miller-Review

I’ve been using this system as an online investor for over two years now, and it is definitely the best I’ve seen. I have always been interested in the markets and was doing some Forex trading before as a kind of hobby on the side, but would never have stood a chance at making the kind of money that I’m pulling in using this binary options trading approach.

As an amateur trader I was always on the lookout for tips and ideas for making better returns with my hobby, but generally I was just making a very modest profit and putting hours of research and trading in every day. I would never have made it into a position where I could quit my job and be a full time trader, but I liked the idea of making my savings work and having control over where they were being invested - rather than leaving it to a bank.

I’d been doing that for about five years, when I was offered the chance to use Oliver’s binary options trading system. I’d never really dabbled in binary options so at first I thought it wasn’t for me - I really didn’t have time to learn a whole new type of trading - but when I looked into it and found it was a system that automatically made trades for you based on its own analysis, it seemed like an interesting experiment at the very least! I saw that they were saying that the system had an 85% win rate, which was obviously high enough to guarantee consistent profit, but then I had seen overblown claims for other systems and methods before so I wasn’t really expecting it to live up to that - I’d have been happy with a 51% win rate giving me a small trickle of secondary income!

However, for once, my skepticism about a system was proven completely unfounded. Within weeks of starting up the system using £250 of the money I would otherwise have been using for my Forex trading, I had thousands, and those thousands were free for me to withdraw at any time, just like in any other personal brokering account. I took some out and had a little splurge, thinking it might just be beginner’s luck, but the money I left in my account just kept on growing. I made my first million months ago, and needless to say, my days and nights of making measly Forex trades are over, and I no longer have my 9 to 5 job either!

If you’re new to trading, or haven’t been having much success with the methods you are using, then this system is a dream come true. It does everything for you, so even a complete novice can achieve what I did. If you get the chance to use the system, then you should seriously jump on it - I’ve met a few people who have worked with it since I started and none of them have a single regret!

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