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BABYSITTING – PROS & CONS – To be foreseen Before Joining as a Babysitter

Babysitting is taking care of the baby when the parents are not available or out. Babysitting can be done by anyone. There is no specific criteria or requirement of any age, experience, or qualification to be a babysitter. All you need to know is how to handle a baby, how to keep him safe, how to feed him, and how to play with him – simply how to keep a baby happy. Mostly, teenagers who are not eligible under labor laws to work become babysitters.

Being a childminder may sound like the kind of task you perform in your school time for additional cash and income, nonetheless, it can, in fact, be a pretty decent gig. Not everybody is destined for spending their time and days with these little children, however, or for the only unsteady compensation, these jobs can pay.

The following can be the common pros and cons of being a babysitter that should be kept in mind before you do this job.


Kids enjoy the fun part of their time with you

Mostly babysitting is new to most of the children since it varies from the daycare service and nannies taking care of the child for a few hours. Babysitting is living few hours of the day every day with the child, spending time with babies, watching over, playing and enjoying, feeding and eating of babies, and most importantly taking care of them when their mom and dad are not available.

You can have your own time along with babysitter job

As teenagers mostly do the babysitting, they can easily go to their schools along with this job. Babysitting can be a very flexible part-time job for them, and they can set their own schedule and daily routine for babysitting and their own tasks. This flex timetable helps them not only manage their own routine but also earn extra income for themselves.

No specific requirements

Typically, there are no specific requirements to be a babysitter. What is only needed is how you play with the babies well while using baby toys. If you know how to keep a baby happy and safe, you are ready for the job. You do not need to be qualified or experienced professional. The basic knowledge of baby feeding habits is enough for childcare.


Some kids are daunting

Some bad kids seem difficult to deal with and are very intimidating, and if they are disabled, in some cases, then babysitting can really get on your nerves. Feeding them can be a very challenging task, and if you’re bathing them, you need to take extra precautions to prevent injuries. In such a case, a baby bath kneeler.

There are, however, many other bathtub accessories for adults that can be very helpful. Also, you need to ask their parents about the precautions and care they need to keep such children contented.

Not a good income source

If the number of clients is not good enough, it’s hard to make a living. Indeed, it’s very flexible and easy to do a part-time job, but it cannot feed a family. It can be a side income for extra expenses or pocket money but cannot be a house runner. Moreover, it does not offer perks and privileges that are associated with regular employment such as insurance, bonus, incentives, pension, or paid holiday. But once you build up a pretty good clientele, particularly if you gain word of mouth by parents informing other parents about their experience of babysitting with you and what a fantastic job you’re doing, you can get a good reputation and thus be a good earner.

Goodbyes are always hard!

It’s the most demanding thing to do always. When you get to spend your everyday time with someone, you get addicted to them, and thus leaving them is what wrecks your heart sometimes since you are so emotionally attached to them that part of you feels missing when these cute little babies are not around. But, since they grow up and do not need a babysitter, they can take care of themselves. And you can always stay connected to them and their families.

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