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An Energetic Profile of Modern Life

studentsThe world runs on energy. Electricity runs our homes and businesses, our personal energy levels dictate our productivity throughout the workday, and our powerful desire to play motivates us to engage with the world outside of our work. Whhat powers each area of our lives?

The Electric Life

Each day we are surrounded by devices that require electricity. An alarm starts the day followed by a warm shower heated with a water heater; then it’s time to cook breakfast on an electric stove and brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush. Of course, all of this is taking place in a home with central heat and air provided by electricity while watching a television, checking email on the laptop, and browsing your favorite social media platform on your smartphone, which is fully recharged after spending the night plugged in. Yes, some of this could be accomplished with a combination of gas and electricity but they all require power.

Electricity providers are responsible for bringing the majority of that power into our homes and businesses so that we may function in the modern world. Many people worry about how much electricity they are using each month because of the impact it can have on both their personal finances and the world environment. Two of the easiest ways to lower your energy burden are weatherizing your home properly and using as many high-efficiency appliances and light bulbs as possible.

Personal Energy

Personal energy comes in many forms. There is the energy one needs to get out of bed each morning and get started on the day’s tasks without hesitation. This comes from getting adequate levels of rest the night before. It takes a different kind of energy to stay focused on individual demands as the day progresses and complete them all on time. This typically falls more to one’s level of willpower which is fueled by reliable personal routines. Another type of personal energy is required to get enough physical activity each day.

The keys to having enough personal energy to make it through your daily obligations center around getting enough sleep, nutritious food, plenty of water, and adequate amounts of physical exercise. Research also indicates meditation, listening to music, and reducing stress in one’s life can help boost energy levels. Add more of each of these elements to increase your personal energy so you feel more capable of attacking work projects and enjoying your leisure time.

The Power of Play

Finally, the power of making time to play. Personal interests and hobbies are different for each person. Whatever sparks your curiosity or leaves you feeling energized after engaging with it, is fueling your passion for life and will immeasurably help improve how much you enjoy each day.

It doesn’t matter what type of play you prefer. What matters is that you take time to regularly indulge in the activity. This may mean nightly knitting sessions, weekends fixing cars, or large art projects that take months to complete. Find what lights you up and make space for it in your life.

One of the difficulties many people have is taking the time to do the personal reflection necessary to identify exactly what it is that they enjoy. It is far easier to defer to the expectations of friends, family, and society in general and attempt to make our reality reflect external expectations. While this may alleviate the pressure of making a decision in the short-term, it will not lead to an authentic and fullfilling life. Ultimately, failing to take the time to identify what recharges your playful energy levels will lead to depletion.

Whether you are working on making your home more energy efficient, optimizing your personal power, or putting the spark of fun and enthusiasm back into your daily routine, it is necessary to evaluate your energy consumption and expenditure regularly. Find what is depleting you and what helps you run at full power and adjust accordingly.

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