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Advantages of Vacuum Sealers

If you're a business owner, it's a fair bet that you are continually striving to find new and innovative ways of providing your customers with the freshest, longest-lasting and best value produce available. You're also probably seeking to deliver it in the most convenient, easy to use and hygienic packaging too.

To stay ahead of the competition, if you don't already own one, you should seriously consider investing in a vacuum sealer. This product is one of the best ways to pack and store a wide variety of produce. Not only will it save you time and money but it will also give you a highly professional end result.

Here's a guide to the machine and just a few of its advantages:


What is it?

A vacuum sealer allows you to pack produce, including meat and fish, safely and effectively by removing most of the air from its plastic packaging, prior to sealing.

Fresher and healthier

By removing oxygen, which can work with certain foods to aversely affect their smell, taste and colour, you are ensuring that items retain their freshness and appearance.

Vacuum sealing also expels bacteria and helps guard against contamination with certain harmful microbes, which only grow in environments where oxygen is abundant.



Once food is vacuum packed, liquids are unable to leak out of the sealed bag, for e.g., blood from meat or juices from fruit. So merchandise is kept at its succulent best - and also at its original weight.

As an additional benefit-because the bags are tightly and securely sealed-you can safely transport a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables in close proximity without worrying about inappropriate or dangerous cross-contamination.

Cost effective

We all know that buying items in bulk is often far cheaper than buying small amounts. A vacuum sealer enables you to purchase large quantities, which can then be divided into portion-sized servings and stored for later use.

Storing meat, fish and sauces in this way cut can down on food wastage. For example, if you're running a restaurant business, this method ensures that your customers receive exactly the right amount or weight for the price they are paying, thus helping you to budget efficiently.

Great for storage

Removing the air from packages allows them to be reduced to the smallest possible size and also ensures they are tightly wrapped and, thus, durable.


As air trapped within frozen food is one of the main causes of freezer burn and dehydration. Storing it in vacuum-sealed bags can help prolong shelf life by up to three to fives times, in the case of some items.

Pre-planned meals

It's not just single food items that can vacuum-sealed-whole, portion-controlled meals can be made in advance, carefully labelled and kept appropriately until needed. This is ideal for businesses catering to the needs of elderly people, new parents, those arriving in self-catering holiday accommodation and much more.

Meats and fish can also be vacuum-sealed with delicious marinades, making them ideal to whip out for barbeques.

Hunting and fishing trips

If you run any kind of adventure vacation enterprise, a vacuum-sealing machine could be the answer to the quick and efficient storage of fish or game that your clients have caught or shot.

Simply gut and butcher as required, label and keep in a cool box for the journey home. You will be ensuring that all moisture is retained within the bag so that the meat kept as fresh as possible.

And, if you offer guests' lunch or supper during their trip, vacuum-packed meals and individually wrapped steaks are ideal for cookouts too.

On trend

If your customers are slightly more adventurous chefs, they will already know about ‘sous vide cooking'. This is an innovative method whereby meat, fish and even vegetables and fruit are slowly poached in a vacuum-sealed pouches, placed in a specially designed water bath until they are at their tender best. It's an ideal technique for delicate flavours and high-quality products that you don't want to risk over-cooking.

With so many advantages to vacuum packing, it's little wonder that this technology has transformed the lives-and profit margins-of business owners all over the world.

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