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Advantages of Focus Pads

Focus pads are an essential tool in the world of boxing and frequently used by many boxing aspirants in the goal towards becoming a professional boxer.TurnerMAX focus pads are the most beneficial in terms of flexing your arms and building up muscles of your arms for effective training. They are also famous by the names of focus mitts, coaching pads, punch mitts, and target pads. This tool helps in preparing a person to become a professional sportsman especially a boxer who knows which areas to hit and practice his/her hooks and jabs. They are flat, sometimes curved hand-held pads with 12 inches in diameter. They are made of thick foam and the foam is incorporated in vinyl or leather material.


Sports for which they are used:

Focus pads are used for training in sports like boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and MMA for a long time now. A good thing about focus mitts is that they are so nifty in delivering so many outcomes. Promptness, power, combinations, head movement, footwork, reactions and counter striking; you name it and there’s a way to get it done using focus pads. Focus pads are available in a rainbow of colours; choose whichever you are attracted to and start training. They are available in blue colour, attractive yellow colour, and also red (it is the blood spatter pattern). Some of the faults that have been reported by the players using focus pads are described below:

First of all to master the art of pad work training you need to practice a lot. Practice makes the man or woman perfect. The common mistake is while holding them; you needn’t hold them so wide apart from each other. They should be held closer to each other while being able to maintain a line of sight. Keep your focus pads tight so that the fighter can punch it in the right areas and as a result, develop the correct technique.

Thus the whole idea of focus mitts is to buy the correct focus pads that have been tried and tested for quality and endurance.

How are they used:

The pads are used in the development of offensive and defensive techniques of the fighters. One person is the one who will receive all the punches and the other person is the actual fighter training to perfect his or her skill. The fighter throws punches at the receiver (training partner or the coach) on the focus pads for both the right and the left hand. This, in turn, helps the fighter to mature extraordinary skills, quicken reflexes and tone up the whole body.

Pros of the focus pad training:

The focus pads are built for precision and point to point training. Turner Sports UK builds the finest focus pads that the world has ever seen. The material used in most of them is Vinyl of the highest quality. TurnerMAX focus pads provide the utmost comfort both for the wearer and the attacker as well. They come with an affordable price tag and are built for perfection for the sports they are being used for. They can also be used by beginners as a form of exercise or workout. They are portable and easy to carry and allow freedom to both the fighter and his or her respective coach. These pads are not only recommended to the fighters who are practicing to master their combative skills but also for the common man who is only looking for a fixed cardio routine.

Having fun with focus pad training:

Focus pad training is really something to enjoy and have fun while drilling and is part of becoming a trained boxer or fighter. The sooner you start training on these pads the better you will be at focused punching. It also lets you train your hooks and jabs as well as uppercuts.

They are inexpensive:

They are not so expensive as you can see them on the internet, they don’t occupy a whole lot of space and you can buy them online or from any sporting goods store. Turner Sports UK has everything and their focus pads are available at their website as well as their AMAZON and eBay stores. Obviously, you need a good pair of boxing gloves or bag gloves if you are buying focus pads because you need something to hit the pads with. They are also available everywhere on the internet. So both the gloves and the pads are not an expensive package and seems like a good investment.

Hitting on target:

If you wanted to hit the target or the face of the opponent you need to practice on the focus pads. You can be trained in the shortest possible time to properly hit the target. Quickly react to the situation at hand and hit the opponent as accurately and cleanly as possible.

Bottom line:

If you want to enhance your punching skills quickly, learn the art of target practicing and condition your body for almost a real fight like situation, you must run-through and focus on the focus pad training.

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