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A Guide to Buying a Good Fireplace

liutikjtWhenever you are pondering the purchase of a new addition to the home - whether that be a fixture, an appliance or even a new room - there is a lot to consider. Depending on the scope and price of the project, there can also be a lot of stress attached to it. It is important that you consider everything good and bad that may arise from the purchase, installation and maintenance of any new home addition. When it comes to a fireplace, there is also a lot to consider. Depending on whether it is a new fireplace or designed to replace an aging element in the home, your list of considerations may quickly grow long. We’ll discuss below what you should consider when buying the perfect fireplace for your home.

Heat Needs

How much heat will the fireplace be expected to create for the home? Is this merely for aesthetic purposes or will it be used to heat a room (or a section of the house)? Depending on the fireplace you select, a given level of heat will be emitted. You will also have to consider how well insulated your home currently is; poorly insulated homes will need more powerful fireplaces if they are to serve as a primary source of heat during the winter months. Efficiency of fireplaces is very important when selecting the proper fireplace for your needs.

Type of Fuel

Another consideration for your fireplace needs is the type of fuel. Do you wish to go with a gas powered fireplace, or sometime more traditional? Even if you decide upon a wood fireplace, there are various types of wood to consider as the primary source of fuel. You could go on the affordable end and simply purchase a truckload of freshly cut pine or oak, or you can consider kiln dried firewood for improved flammability and easier fire building potential, like what is sold at www.premierfirewoodcompany.com.

Installation Needs

How exactly will the fireplace need to be installed? If you currently do not have one, then you may wish to consider an aesthetic solution so as not to need drastic installation of a chimney or flu to remove the smoke from the home. For many types of fireplaces - even those with minimal installation and assembly required - it may be a good idea to have a professional assist in the process. Without the trained eyes and hands of someone who knows what they are doing, you may end up creating a fire hazard unbeknownst to you.

Where to Buy

Price will inevitably be a consideration, but from where should you buy? In many cases, you might be able to save money with an online purchase, but logistically, it will be more difficult to return the unit if it is not what you need. If you buy in a store, then you can expect better customer service and quicker delivery and installation, but price could be a varying factor when compared to what you will pay online. It really depends on what you value more and the level of assistance you have when selecting one: if you can be guaranteed that the unit you select the first time is the right one for your needs and do not need customer service or help, then the online route may be better.

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