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A Few Effective Tips And Tricks to Improving Your Football Shooting Technique

Do not let YouTube and FIFA fool you. Scoring a 30-yard screamer might seem easy in FIFA 17, but in reality, it’s a humungous job indeed. You need to practice, and practice, and then again, practice to get your technique to the level of perfection. The following tips can help.

Improving your chances of scoring


  • Shoot wide rather than high. You will have a better chance of scoring a goal out of nothing as a result of a possible deflection.
  • Always shoot low. It is harder for any keeper to reach for the low shots along the ground because of the distance involved in the same.
    Remember, it is comparatively easier for the keeper to jump up and save, but it’s a whole lot more difficult to crouch down and save the same. So why don’t you take your chances with low shots along the ground? You might be in luck!
  • Place your shots across the keeper. It’s harder for them to hold onto the ball in these type of situations, and can very easily punch the ball into the path of another attacker.

Shooting tips and tricks


  • The first thing to do is to observe the position of the goalkeeper. Do you see any gap that you can exploit? Keep a careful note of the same if you do.
  • Shoot with the technique that you have mastered the most. A side foot shot will give you greater accuracy, whereas an instep shot with decent follow-through will give you greater power.
  • Keep your head down and concentrate hard on the ball at the time of the strike.
  • Try and keep your body over the ball for an improved overall balance.
  • Try and make contact from the middle to the top half portion of the ball for a greater control and an improved accuracy.
  • And finally, keep your composure at all possible cost. I know this is easier said than done but with decent practice, you will be able to master it for sure.

One-on-one situations


Now, these situations are what we call a striker’s dream.

“You are through on goal with only the goalkeeper ahead of you. Glory awaits, but then what did you do? You thought too much and tried the fancy flick you watched on TV. The result is a painful MISS!”

So you see one on one situations are the truest test of a striker’s nerve and finishing. If you panic in such situations (which most strikers do), you are in the danger of shooting the ball in the back of the stands.

So here’s what you should do:

  • Maintain composure. Tell yourself that if you miss, it’s not going to be the end of the world. If you put too much pressure on yourself in such situations, you will panic more for bad.
  • Observe the goalkeeper as closely as possible. S/He should have been off his/her line now, coming at you to stop you at all possible cost. Do you see any loophole that you can exploit? For example,
    If s/he has moved out of the penalty box, you can very easily try the lob shot to put the ball over the goalkeeper’s head into the back of the net. Small things like these can make all the differences in the world either for good or bad.
  • Do not procrastinate or over-think. Overthinking will make you pursue too many options and can very easily giving you an overall zero result, on the whole. Make up your mind and stick to it.

For example,
If you want to shoot left, SHOOT LEFT. Do not change your mind and shoot right at the last moment of your shot.

Note: One-on-one situation scorings need a whole lot of practice at the time of your football training sessions. So make sure you don’t ignore them for any reason whatsoever.

Shooting from distance


This perhaps qualifies as the most difficult technique of shooting, and justifiably so.

Long range goals go exquisitely easy on the eye, but at the same time, they are unbelievably difficult to score. The following tips can help:

  • The positioning of your body is vital to making the shot a success. Plant your standing foot beside the ball for an improved overall stability. Keep your head down, and over the ball so you don’t sky it at any possible cost.
  • Try and make your foot connect with the bottom half of the ball and follow it up a decent follow-through. This can help you generate enough power behind the ball. An instep shot is also advisable for greater precision.


So that concludes the article for now. Hope the shooting tips mentioned above come in handy for you. Happy scoring!

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