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9 Tips to Defend Yourself from Muggers

It is a fear for all of us: being mugged or physically attacked by a stranger whilst out in public. These types of attacks can take place just about anywhere and at any time, even in broad daylight within a busy environment.

However, most attacks will occur when the victim is alone and in a secluded area. Because of this, you should travel with friends if possible and remain in busier areas, especially at night time.

If a mugger does invade your personal space and attempt a robbery, there are certain techniques which can be used to defend yourself. Initially you should travel with friends and stay within well-lit, populated areas. To reduce the possibility of encountering a mugger, take familiar routes or plan your journey to avoid dangerous places with higher crime rates.

Walk with a purpose and on a straight course, not stopping for strangers unless you feel comfortable to do so. Don't advertise mobile phones or other expensive equipment which can attract criminal activity. Likewise, only carry large sums of cash if an absolute necessity.

If someone does approach you using threatening behaviour, try to stay in control of your emotions before reacting. Assess the situation and weigh up what is at stake. If the assailant has a weapon and appears dangerous, it may be best to give up what you have if of small value.

After evaluating the situation, fleeing the scene may be the best possible option if there is a practical escape route and you have the physical capability. Most attackers don't want to draw attention to the situation and are unwilling to give chase.

On some occasions, you may be able to fend off the attacker using forceful methods of your own. If you fear your life is in danger there are plenty of techniques at your disposal to impede or temporarily injure the assailant. Only use these methods if desperate and you fear for your own safety.

If you find yourself in a bodily struggle, your survival instincts will kick in and sufficient force should be used to break free. Even if at a physical disadvantage, you can still target pressure points and weak areas to impair the attacker. These areas to target include the face, throat, and groin region.

Hitting particular spots on the body will result in a defensive reflex action by the assailant, potentially allowing you to escape. For example, forcefully pulling back a finger or making contact with the eyeball are effective measures if in trouble. Forced pressure with the kneecap will also cripple an attacker sufficiently.

Of course, some people may not comfortable with using physical violence to deter robberies or other attacks. If this applies to you, carry pepper spray or a personal alarm to act as an effective deterrent.

If you manage to escape the situation by whatever means, the attacker still may be close by and even more determined to claim another victim. When you reach a safe area you should remain there and alert the police immediately.

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