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9 Things you don’t Know about Polycarbonate Hockey Visors

Polycarbonate Hockey VisorPolycarbonate hockey visor or shield is a piece of equipment that is fastened to the front of a hockey helmet. It is made of hardened plastic which is extended under the chin for full face protection of a hockey player. It is well designed to protect your eyes and face from errant sticks and push impacts, preventing cuts and breaking of facial bones. A larger visor will protect the larger part of the face when it if fitted properly to a helmet. Your visor should be tightly fixed on the screws. Two screws are used to tighten the visors on each side of the temple to ensure that it sits straight on the face. With the top of the visor lined up directly and the bottom of the in front, this leaves room for air flow, it also ensures that there's no gaps where the hockey sticks or ball can get through.

Here are the 9 things you didn't know about a polycarbonate hockey visors:

1. They protect you from UV rays
The polycarbonate material that is used to make the polycarbonate hockey visor can be chemically treated to provide a measure of UV resistance. Therefore by using a treated polycarbonate hockey visor, you don't have to worry about skin cancer that may occur due to subsequent exposure of your face to the harmful UV rays. Visors made from untreated polycarbonate can also be used and should be replaced annually in order to minimize risks of degraded protection as a result of UV exposure.

2. They are fog-free
Polycarbonate visors are made in such a way that they are fixed at two points. That is one at each side of the helmet. This makes the visors more adjustable hence allowing it to flip up or down. This will allow for proper ventilation and prevent fogging of the visor.

3. They are very comfortable and light in weight
If you are an experienced hockey player, I know you know how it feels like to play with a heavy protective gear in your head. The additional weight in your head is a nuisance and may hinder you from enjoying the sport. These type of visors are designed into a super-light polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate hockey visors therefore have less weight. For example, if compared to cages which can be heavy due to the weight of the metals that they are made of. I therefore recommend that you use a polycarbonate hockey visor so that you enjoy playing your game as your head is also protected from facial injuries.

4. They protect you from bright light
If you are one of the hockey players who is light sensitive, this is the best visor for you. Polycarbonate hockey visors come in various shades and tints. This makes them more advantageous to light sensitive hockey players because they can buy those with darker shades that will protect them from excess light. This can also be advantageous while playing in the sense that your opponent will not be able to see where your eyes are looking which may make it easy for you to score.

5. They have high optical clarity
The material used to make a polycarbonate protective hockey visor sometimes give an enhanced line of light which is very important during game play. Polycarbonate hockey visors therefore have high visibility traits as compared to hockey cages which may impair your vision. Through the polycarbonate visor, you will be able to see clearly and enjoy playing hockey without any vision problems.

6. They are impact resistant
When it comes to sports, most eye related injuries are known to occur in hockey. Almost 40% the injuries are attributed to this game. Many hockey players around the world who have sustained serious eye injuries in the past during game play. This has led most of the emergency room and in worst cases some of them has ended up losing their career completely due to loss of the eye. The polycarbonate hockey visor is made high quality plastic that can withstand high impact objects such as the hockey stick and puck. It will therefore act as your face shield and protect you from unnecessary injuries. Without the visor, your face is open to assortment of injuries that can be avoided through proper face protection.

7. They come in different sizes and shapes
Polycarbonate hockey visors are designed into different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a visor, you must ensure that it will fit your helmet well. There are those sizes that have been specifically designed to fit kids' helmets, so if you have a kid who is a hockey player you should have no worries. For adult hockey helmets, there are also different specific sizes of visors that fit them. Hockey helmets has a visor compatibility chart that you can use to see which size of visor will fit your helmet. Depending on the size of your helmet, you can choose the desired shape of visor that you want for your helmet.

8. They are scratch resistant
Polycarbonate hockey visors are made of improved high quality plastic shields which are scratch resistant. Every hockey player wants a visor without scratches. The scratch resistant polycarbonate visor will serve you for more than 5 years.

9. They are Easy to maintain
Who wants to wear a dirty visor? Visors should be cleaned more often. You will also enjoy playing hockey when you know that your visor is sparkling clean. A hockey visor is very easy to clean and maintain. There are many hockey specific products that you can use to clean, wipe down and buff your visor. One of the most common product used is Pledge furniture polish. It does a better job by keeping your visor clear and clean. You can also use a high-quality smooth toothpaste with a piece of cloth that is dust and grit free; the soft lint material used for cleaning spectacles is usually suitable. If the Pledge furniture polish is out of reach, then you can also use clean soapy water with a soft cloth for cleaning your visor.

As a visor user, I would also encourage you to wrap the helmet in a helmet bag so that you avoid unnecessary scratches on your polycarbonate. And in case you still don't own a helmet bag, don't worry, you can improvise one by tying the helmet with a T-shirt which will still do the job of protecting your visor from unnecessary scratches.

As stated above, it is very clear that as a hockey player, having your hockey visor put on has obvious health benefits and other benefits such as enhanced line of light that will improve your vision during game play. If you or your kid is a hockey player, it should be a mandatory that you put on a hockey helmet because it will protect you from injuries such as split open lips, noses, and eye brows which would otherwise occur when you play hockey without any facial protection or hockey visor. A polycarbonate hockey visor will serve you for more than 5 years, after this time the coating may start to wear, scratches will begin to emerge and the plastic may slowly start to weaken. So it is advisable that you change your visor after every 5 years.

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