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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working Long Hours

Trying to stay healthy while working long hours can sometimes seem like the mission impossible. You can’t find the time to rest and relax, let alone to focus on your physical health. Nevertheless, there are ways to remain physically and mentally healthy even when your job doesn’t allow you the luxury of visiting your local gym on regular basis. Here are 7 ways to resolve this problem.


Don’t ever disregard the power of a proper sleeping cycle! Sleep deprivation causes stress, fatigue, lack of productivity, overeating, slowed metabolism, and so forth. All of these side effects will put a tremendous strain on your body, as well as on your productivity at your job. In order to stay healthy while working long hours you need to get enough sleep regardless of your working schedule.

Exercise at home and on your way to work

One of the most common ways to stay healthy is to visit a gym. Unfortunately, people who have to work more than the average don’t have the luxury of scheduling regular gym workouts. Nevertheless, you can still exercise at home or on your way to your office. Parking your car a bit further from your home and walking 10 minutes between your house/apartment and your car is an easy way to get some exercise. You can also use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you have the option to do so.

Focus on healthy meals and drink water

It’s a well-known fact that drinking lots of water is essential for your health. It keeps you well-hydrated, boosts up your metabolism and balances your complexion. Focusing on healthy meals and liquids not only makes you healthier, but also helps you become more productive. Fruits and salads work magic compared to pasta and high-calorie desserts, as the latter ones make you tired, sleepy, obese and lazy.

Don’t deprive yourself

Even though eating healthy foods is one of the best ways to stay healthy while working long hours, it doesn’t mean that you should completely deprive yourself of eating any calories. You can’t survive only on liquids and salads, not to mention the fact that the idea of deprivation alone can stress you out and lead to depression. Depression can result in gaining weight from the stress and it can also mess with your job. If you’re craving junk food or a chocolate soufflé, have a quick snack. The important thing is to maintain a good balance and to not overindulge your cravings.

Don’t hide from the outdoors

People, who are working long hours, tend to overlook the fact that sun and fresh air can do wonders for your body. Don’t hide from the outdoors! Countless research materials prove that lack of Vitamin D and fresh air can truly bring your immune system down. Getting sick is exactly the opposite of staying healthy. Take a walk, go on a picnic, let fresh air in your home and office, and sulk in the sun for as long as possible. Vitamin supplements will never fully substitute the nature’s gifts when it comes to fresh air and a healthy dosage of sun rays.

Use proper equipment at home and in the office

It’s a proven fact that uncomfortable chairs, outdated screens, bad sitting positions and lack of proper equipment can not only ruin one’s mood, but also do harm to a person’s physical health. It’s essential to use proper tech equipment at home and in the office. This includes ergonomic monitors, comfortable headsets, computer glasses, and so forth. If you don’t have the luxury of choosing the equipment in your office, make sure your home is fully furnished with comfortable and functional furniture pieces for the sake of your physical and mental health. After all, nothing can ruin your day like stressing over the outdated printer or operating system.

Shift your mindset

One of the most fundamental lessons every life coach and business coach out there will teach you is the importance of mindset shifting. Working long hours is a sufficient reason to feel gloomy, depressed, stressed out and even resentful towards your job and other aspects of your life. Shifting your mindset to positivity will ease the mental strain, and in return the lack of mental strain will help you improve your physical health. Try to apply positive reinforcement and to shift your mindset for the sake of your mental and physical well-being. You’ll be surprised by the results, as this is one of the most efficient ways to remain healthy.

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