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7 Tips for Creating Art With Spray Paint

regtgreIf you love art like I do then you will know that the largest thing is to start a piece of artwork. What most people do not realize is the fact that they can use spray paint to create anything other than graffiti. Art is personal and using spray paint to create art the right way can bring out your personality. But, what is the best way to spray paint your art?

  1. Look for a Plain, Well-Aerated Working Area

Spray paints contain pigments or colors, binders, and solvents. Exposure to these chemical components can irritate your throat and your eyes and cause headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and at times vomiting. The first thing you must do is to prevent exposure to this medium by finding a flat, nicely aerated working area. If you are spraying indoors, ensure you open windows and turn on HVAC.

  1. Understand the design of Your Spray Paint Can

You cannot paint well if you do not use the right technique. Using the right technique, on the other hand, depends on how well you understand the design of your spray paint can. The little tube that goes from the valve at the top of the can to the bottom must sit in the paint so that the paint can be drawn via the tube and out of the cap.

While spraying, ensure you hold the can vertically for uniform spray. Failing to do so might mean you spray the propellant almost entirely. Test the spray can to see whether it works before starting your artwork. Use this guide to learn some techniques.

  1. Always Keep the Can from Clogging

Clogging is very common with spray paint cans. Clogging happens when the spray pigment breaks apart from the solvent and thickens. In order to prevent clogging, you must ensure you shake the can very well. A good practice would be to hold the can upside down while shaking. Doing this will get the particles of the paint back into the liquid solvent. Shake for a whole minute to ensure the medium is well mixed.

  1. Always Make Thin Lines

Many artists find it hard to add detail as well as outline to their paint jobs. This often results from using the wrong technique while spraying. To make sharp thin lines, you need to hold the can very close to the paper. In case your painting paper is mounted on a wall, then a good technique would be to tilt the can a little bit to bring it as close to the paper as possible. You must also consider optimizing your spraying speed if you want to produce thin lines.

  1. Learn the right Filling in Techniques

Have you been struggling to get nice lines with spray paint? Well, this happens to many people as thick layers applied at once often get flaws when exposed to air or drying. Good artwork requires that you make fat lines and layer the paint. As you already know, spray paint art is generally all about layering. Therefore, learning this technique is the first step to making very nice and high-quality art with spray paint.

  1. Learn How to Create Small Dots

Creating small dots is a difficult thing for inexperienced artists wanting to create art using spray paint. Yet, small dots are vital if you want to create any desired effect. To create small dots, hold the spray can upside down as if your interest is to blow the cap clean. Discontinue praying the moment you realize the paint is no longer flowing but propellant is being expelled.

With your spray can still upside down, press down on the cap. This will make a perfect dot. You may not get right at first but with practice, you will get good with time and then you can put it on paper. The goal of your practice would be to stop the spray exactly at the right time to create perfect dots.

  1. Buy Spray Can Caps of Different Varieties

Spray paint cans usually come with a cap, guaranteed, but this does not mean you stick with just that one. Specialty caps will give you the versatility to make achieve different effects. The good thing is that you can purchase them from shops selling art accessories or supplies. Remember that spray paint cans feature either male or female valves; therefore, you have to ensure compatibility with the brand of paint you intend to use. You can choose from flat caps, stencil caps, and outline caps. See this handy guide for choosing the right can.


Following the above tips on how to use spray paint to create an art is the surest way yet to improving your knowledge and practice of spray paint. Follow them keenly and I am sure with time you will be one of the greatest spray paint artists of not only graffiti but also other beautiful pieces of art by influencing the paint on poster board while it is still wet.

If you have any questions, please ask below!