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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Bitcoin

bit coinThe world’s leading digital currency bitcoin has witnessed a massive increase in merchant adoption since its launch in 2009. Today, over 100,000 merchants globally accept bitcoin as a means of payment and the number is growing rapidly. Microsofr and Dell, for example, are two major businesses that have started to accept bitcoin payments. However, you can purchase more with bitcoin than just computer hardware and software. Nowadays, you can buy almost anything with bitcoins online thanks to the two market leading bitcoin payment processors, Coinbase and BitPay. Both Coinbase and BitPay allow online merchants to accept payments in bitcoin, which are then immediately converted into the desired fiat currency upon receipt of the payment.

In this article, you will be introduced to seven things you probably didn’t know you could buy with bitcoin.

Retail gift cards

Gifting services like Gyft.com allow bitcoin users to buy digital gift cards with bitcoin that can be used to make purchases at a vast range of retailers, including Starbucks, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Nike, eBay, and many more.

Dog treats

The bitcoin-based online merchant BitDazzle allows users to purchase dog treats using bitcoin. Your choices include Sweet Potato Jerky, Bacon Cheesy Bits, K9 Carrot Crunch and many more. For dog lovers who also like to use bitcoin as a spending currency, BitDazzle allows anyone to purchase dog food using digital currency.

A holiday

One of the world’s largest holiday booking companies, Expedia, has started to accept bitcoin for hotel bookings in 2014. CheapAir.com is another travel booking company that has accepted bitcoin as a payment method. Alternatively, you could book your entire holiday with bitcoin-only holiday booking sites BookWithBit or BTCTrip.

If you decide to whisk your partner away for a romantic weekend in the Bahamas or book your flights and hotel for your dream holiday on a remote island in South East Asia you can do so by paying with bitcoins.

A house

This may come as a surprise, but there are platforms, such as Bitcoin-RealEstate.com, that allow you to purchase properties with bitcoins. You are still not able to secure a home loan that you allows you to make your monthly payments in bitcoin, but if your pockets are deep enough you can purchase a house using bitcoin as a means of payment provided you pay the price for the property in full.

A yacht

Through the bitcoin luxury marketplace BitPremier, you can purchase yachts or even small submarines using bitcoin. If you are sitting on a large pile of bitcoins and have always wanted to sail into the sunset on your own yacht, you can do so now. Alternatively, if you ever wanted to own a submarine to explore the oceans by yourself, you can also pay for that pleasure using bitcoins.

Gold and silver

If you want to purchase gold and silver bullions as a physical store of wealth or as a long-term investment, you can do so using bitcoins. There are several online precious metals vendors such as JMBullion and BitGild that allow you to purchase gold and silver coins and bars using digital currency.


The leading U.S. online dating site OKCupid has been accepting bitcoin since April 2013 as a form of payment. While OKCupid’s online dating platform is free, you can use bitcoin to pay for the site’s bonus features. The bonus features include the ability to browse profiles anonymously, search for matches by special attributes and see which members have rated you. Who knows, maybe you will soon be spending your bitcoin to find love.

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