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7 Things to Consider when Hiring Removal Services

removalist-employeesMoving into a new home or office is a challenging task. You have to plan a lot to ensure safe removal and moving of the goods. And if you plan to hire a professional man and van service provider, it further makes the things difficult for you. Though by doing some research you can find right removal services, the knowledge of their services can make the process easier for you. So, here is a list of seven things you can expect from a removal service company. If you find a company that meets all the expectations, you can rely on them and hire it to move to a new home or office.

Right arrangements

A professional removal company will always estimate your requirements first to ensure arrangement of right vehicles, packaging materials and labor. You can arrange a meeting with the company representatives and call them at your home to get the right estimates. They also consider the distance between the new and present location.

You also need to help the company in making right estimates by telling them the type of building you are moving to. For instance, if you are moving to a multistory building, the man will have to plan the things accordingly with the arrangement of lift, parking etc.


Though the removal companies ensure safe and secure transportation of the goods, you can never by sure about the future. It is better to prefer a company that has sufficient insurance cover for any uncertainties.

Proper packing

Home moving includes removal of different types of products and goods. Some of them are highly fragile like wine collections, fine arts, antiques etc. Some removal companies either take the packing responsibilities themselves or provide you the packaging material. Whatever is the situation, make sure the goods are packed properly and with right packing material.

Carpets and curtains

A professional man and van company will also lift carpets and take down curtains if you inform them in advance.


A good removal company values their client’s time and honour the bookings. Though weekends and month ends are the busiest times for them, you can get dates by planning in advance.


If you hire a best man and van company, you will also get moving services for your deep freezer. Handling of the content in freezer completely depends on the distance. Point to notice here is that the removal company provides insurance cover only for the freezer, not for the contents inside. So, it’s better to run down stock in the freezer to avoid any damage during transportation.


As removal companies don’t touch utilities like gas and electricity, you should not judge them for these services. You can hire someone else to remove lighting fixtures and that too before the moving day.

If you find a removal company that offers all the above-mentioned services, you can hire them without any second thought. Selection of a right removal company can take away most of the home moving problems.

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