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7 Reasons to Choose Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are a new, popular paving option for your patios, decks, pools, and driveways. These pavers are beautiful, practical, and can even be more affordable than some of the other options available to you.

1. Less Absorbent

Porcelain pavers are, first and foremost, less absorbent than natural stone or concrete. While these pavers look great and mimic the look of these materials, porcelain is non-porous. It doesn’t have to be treated to repel water stains and avoid footprints, water issues, and more.

This means you won’t get water staining, and mud and dirt wipe off without causing any damage to the pavers themselves. You won’t have to seal the pavers, either – water simple beads on the surface rather than sinking in. This leads to less damage and erosion over time. While some pavers can allow water to seep down to your patio and erode your foundation, porcelain pavers actually protect your patio’s foundations.

2. More Affordable

In addition to all of the great features of porcelain, they are often more affordable than natural stone or concrete pavers. You might be able to save some money on the materials. On top of this, you can forgo sealants, cleaning chemicals, or other expensive protectants. Porcelain’s properties reduce the need for maintenance costs and can save your foundation, so you’re saving more money in the long run.

While porcelain pavers might have a higher initial cost, the amount you’ll save on maintenance alone more than makes up for the difference in cost.

3. Extremely Customizable

Most pavers come in a variety of colors and styles, but porcelain pavers take customization a step further. In addition to these options, you can choose porcelain pavers that mimic the look of other natural materials. Your porcelain pavers can look like natural stone, marble, wood, concrete, or other materials. They can take on the designs you love from these other pavers, too! When you choose porcelain, you have the opportunity to design your outdoor space however you want.

4. Low Maintenance

Stone and concrete pavers need to be maintained to stay safe and look great. Porcelain pavers require less attention than other types. You can simply wash them off a few times a year with soap and water. There’s no need to get a fancy pressure washer. You don’t have to maintain the seal to keep them free of water stains or other types of messes. Porcelain pavers require minimal oversight, less cleaning, and a less involved cleaning process overall than natural stone or concrete pavers.

If you don’t want to constantly watch your pavers to make sure they look great, porcelain may be the option for you. It’s effortless!

5. Durable

Porcelain pavers are more durable overall than other materials. Porcelain is one of the sturdiest materials on the market for pavers due to the way it’s made. These pavers are manufactured to be resistant to extreme weather, vegetation and plant growth, and stains. If your patio or poolside experiences a lot of traffic, porcelain might be ideal. It can stand up to lots of foot traffic that would wear other pavers down.

6. Doesn’t Fade

Most paving stones fade after a summer in the sun. They might lose their colors, luster, or shine in very sunny areas. Areas like Florida, for instance, see a lot of sunlight. Pavers in areas like Florida may experience fade over time, especially after hot, sunny summers pass.

Thankfully, porcelain pavers retain their colors and shine. They are resistant to sun fading, so you can choose the best, brightest colors without any fear that they’ll lose the way they look over time.

7. Anti-Slip

Worried about your patio or poolside becoming dangerous and slippery? Porcelain pavers can help! Most types of porcelain paving stones have an anti-slip surface. While other types of pavers might get extremely slippery when they get wet, these pavers’ anti-slip features ensure that you can walk around after it rains without falling.


Porcelain pavers can be just what you need to create a beautiful, durable patio, deck, or poolside. When you need professional installation service for porcelain pavers, south Florida’s own Flōridian Inc is ready to help! Call today for a free quote and get your outdoor areas looking great for the summer.

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