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6 Times You Shouldn’t DIY


We all love to take care of our home and be confident that we know how to do it all. And sometimes that brings trouble. There are certain times when you just shouldn't attempt to fix something and simply book the professionals.

1. The roof

If you've been living in your house for a longer period of time, you can bet there are a few tiles to be replaced. Of course, if you have done this numerous times you're better at it. But you've never tried it, better call a professional and you can watch him do it. Getting it done yourself might have serious effects on your home-if you don't do it precisely and correctly.

2. A tree

Cutting down a tree is more risky than you think. Climbing up so high and dealing with electrical wires is extremely dangerous. You have to know exactly where and how to cut it. It requires extra attention and skill to know where it would fall down. You're not only treating your own life, but other's, too.

3. Electrics

This one definitely threatens your life more than anything. Unless you have that education don't DIY. And I don't mean replacing a lightbulb-this is something very simple. But for big electrical jobs it is better to trust the pros. First, to protect yourself and second to protect your home from burning down.

4. Major renovations

Sure, hanging a picture is easy. But tearing down the kitchen and making a new one is probably not a task for you. A contractor knows which permits you need and how to get them. And most importantly how to do it in the right way. That would save you a lot of time and money.

5. Plumbing

People think that instead of hiring an expert, they can save money and just do it themselves. The problem is that if you're not trained for this job, you can ruin your house rather than fix it. Stay away from the plumbing system. Of course, you can replace the shower head or the toilet tank-these are pretty safe tasks.

6. Gas appliances

Just like water, gas always finds way out. You might decide to move the stove so you can clean under it. And when you put it back in its place, you might not hook it back up. This can result in serious damage. You and your family should be very careful since a lot of poisoning accidents start like this.

There are some things that you just have to leave up to the pros-for safety reasons. And what if one day you decide to move? It would be a lot harder to sell your home with some of these flaws. So, before you start renovating, first think realistically whether or not you can get it done.

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