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5 Ways To Hack Your Morning Makeup Routine

makeup-transformationFace it, whether you are a morning person are not, getting out of bed in the mornings can sometimes be a challenge that it is hard to overcome. As a matter of fact, sometimes getting to sleep in can make your morning makeup routine seem not quite as important as catching a few more minutes of sleep. Luckily, between TrueScience from LifeVantage and a few handy hacks you can follow for putting on your makeup, those extra 20 minutes won't make much of a difference in how stunning you look when you rush out the door to work.

Start the Night Before

The best way to be prepared for the next morning, especially if you are getting to bed late and know that you are going to hit that snooze more than a few times, is to start preparing the night before. If you use rejuventating products like LifeVantage before you go to bed then you will wake up with clearer, fresher skin, which will make it easier to get out of the house with a modified makeup routine.

Skip the Eyeliner

While you probably think that you look dead without your eyeliner, the truth is you just look natural. Remember, eyeliner takes a while to get just right and if you are in a hurry in the morning, you are apt to mess it up and waste even more time starting over. Instead, try just swiping some mascara over your lashes, if you look tired, and keep the eyeliner for the partying on the weekend.

Lose Some of the Brushes

There is nothing worse on a hectic morning than having to fumble and search for the correct brushes to get your makeup done. As a matter of fact, if you buy makeup products that you can use your hands to apply you will get a lot more done in a much shorter time and be out the door before you know it.

Use Products that do Double Duty

When it comes to being in a hurry in the mornings, buying skin care products and makeup that can do double duty is a must. If you have a moisturizer that will work as a foundation as well, then you are one step closer to being out of the door on time in the mornings. Products that can be used for more than one thing are a great hack to remember when you push that snooze button one too many times and are in a rush to get it done and be gone.

Just Keep It Simple

Unless you are headed out for an elegant night on the town, there is no reason that you should be dolled up in the mornings. If you are suddenly taking an hour to put on your makeup in the mornings or even getting up earlier, you need to simplify. You need to reevaluate your makeup, your makeup routine, and yourself as well. Remember makeup is supposed to look natural, not like you put it on with a paint brush.

These are just a few simple hacks to help you get out the door, makeup ready, on the mornings you just can't drag yourself out of the bed until the last possible second. Remember, natural is best and following these tips will ensure you look your best without it being way too much.

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