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5 Things to do when Life pushes you Out of your Comfort Zone

Living in your comfort zone is easy. You are well acquainted to the routine and feel safe in the face of it. You are sure that nothing untoward would happen, nor would you be pushed to do something which seems to be way beyond your abilities. But the truth is that life is really not that easy. Many times, you might be pushed to the extremes and may have to move out of your comfort zone. In fact, you might come across many people who move out of their comfort zone just the savor the adventure that lies beyond.

In circumstances where you may be pushed out of your zone of comfort, giving up in the fear of the unknown is not a good idea. Rather facing the unknown is what will give you a real taste of your strengths that you were completely oblivious to. So, what do you do when life pushes you out of your comfort zone? Well, here are a few pointers to start with.

Ignoring the Goof Ups

Remember that when you are suddenly on the other side of your comfort zone, you are bound to find it hard to match up with the requirements. You may actually make a lot of mistakes and end up making a fool of yourself. You may even be reprimanded and laughed at by the other people.

But, don't let any of these be a deterrent for you. Perseverance is all that you need to keep on trying. With time, you would get accustomed to your new found circumstances and would even find ways to work in a manner that is best suited to you. So, don't focus too much on the initial goof ups. They are a part and parcel for every person who treads a new path.

Accepting Failures

After having dwelled in your comfort zone for long, getting started with something that is totally new to you may seem to be a difficult feat. However, don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking up work that may actually help you in broadening your horizons.

Understand that initially you may fail in your endeavor. But, this will give you a sneak peek into the world outside your comfort zone and would also help you realize your hidden strength. With some additional hard work, converting your failure into success would not really be that difficult.

Facing Fears

In your comfort zone there are no fears and doubts. After all, that is the main reason why it is known as your comfort zone. But, what if facing a few fears would help you in achieving something really worthwhile? What if by trying something new actually ends up giving you a beneficial insight? Though some of the fears in your life may be genuine, the others can definitely be given up just to analyze the strengths that you never knew, existed.

Getting Used to Risks

When you move out of your comfort zone, you just don't know what to expect. You are completely oblivious to what you may have to face. However, moving out of your comfort means you would have to take some risks. This may seem a bit scary at the beginning.

So, start out by taking smaller risks and ones that are within your means. Once you get used to this risk-taking business, you can go ahead and try out more adventurous risks. The best part is that the initial successes will actually fill you with a sense of adventure and make you acquainted to taking more risks.

Enjoying the Zone Beyond

Living in the comfort zone can be quite monotonous at times. You are used to the whole routine and know what to expect. When you move out of the comfort zone, you are faced with the unknown. Though this may initially fill you with nervousness, learning to enjoy the unknown is what will make it easier for you to look forth to every day of your life.

One look around you and you will realize that the most extraordinary people in our world have made a name for themselves just because they moved out of their comfort zone, took risks, goofed up, failed, learned from their mistakes and in the end, succeeded. So, don't fear the unknown. Instead, embrace it and move ahead. By doing this you are actually widening your horizon and also the limits of your comfort zone.

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