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5 Steps To Choosing Your First Crystal

When it comes to choosing your first crystal, you want to find something that resonates with you. Stone energy, or crystal energy, is about the energy that each crystal gives off. As humans, we all have a unique history that combines with our DNA traits to make us who we are. Crystals are no different. Their life story is about where they mined and how they were found.

Everything is composed of energy, and some crystals resonate at a high frequency, others lower. It is how this energy affects us that is their stone energy. Choosing your crystal is about letting your instincts take over and guide you. Often, we just reach for the most attractive we can see. Instead, hold back and be guided there – this works whether you are shopping online or in person. Here we cover 5 steps to choosing your first crystal.

1. Work out what you are missing

Before you even go looking for crystals online or in person, work out what it is you are missing. This will help determine exactly what you are looking for in these stones. Once you are open and honest with yourself, you can let your intuition take over.

2. Trust your instincts

The right crystal for you will make itself known. It chooses you based on what you need in that moment. When the crystals are in front of you (either online or in person), take note of the ones that pop out. Here are some questions to ask yourself while going through this step:

  • Am I drawn to this one for its looks?
  • Do any of these tug at my energy?
  • Is anyone calling out to me?
  • Which one do you want to touch or click through to the most?

3. Take a closer look

Still avoid picking the crystal up or clicking through to read more about it. This is still a hands-off exercise, so you learn to let your instincts take over. Instead, gaze at each one of your top picks and think about what you are feeling when you look at each one. Here are some questions to ask yourself in this step:

  • Do any emotions come to light?
  • How do I feel looking at it?

Now is your chance to be in the moment and see if any crystals are pulling you towards them. See if you can narrow down your selection of crystals further, based on the emotions you experience. You should be left with just a handful – or perhaps even two. You are getting closer to finding that crystal with the perfect energy for you.

4. Go into detail

With only a few crystals left, now is the chance to read about each one. Discover its properties (its DNA so to speak) and where it has come from (its history) to learn its story. Take your time going through each one to really understand it on a deeper level. You might actually be surprised by how much each one aligns with your own life and what you are currently going through.

5. Make that connection

Knowing the story behind each crystal, take a step back and look at them again. Where do your eyes wander to first? Trust your instincts on this one. There is a reason your body is pulling you in a certain direction. It is connecting with the crystals and showing you the way.

Your Chakra

It is through our chakras that we transmit and receive physical, emotional and spiritual energy. The crystal you have chosen can be used as your chakra centre. Take a look at the stone you have chosen and do a little research into what chakra it is associated with. You can then learn more about the energy focus and the mental or physical part of your body it is targeting.

Choosing Your Crystal

Now you know the path to choosing your first crystal online or at a store, you are ready to take the journey. Remember to be open and honest with yourself and trust your intuition. Let it guide you as you open yourself up to the amazing world of crystals and everything they have to offer. You might just surprise yourself in the process.

If you have any questions, please ask below!