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5 Key Benefits of Using a Table Fan

Table fans may not be as common as ceiling fans but they are definitely a must-have in every household. They offer several benefits that other fan types such as ceiling fans and wall fans do not offer. Table fans, for instance, offer personalized cooling. They can be easily moved around. Moreover, they can also help boost your AC’s cooling.

Yes, you read that right – a table fan can help boost your AC’s cooling.

Keep reading the post till the end to find out in detail how a table fan does that and what are the various benefits of using a table fan.

1. Table fans offer personalized cooling.

A ceiling fan is designed to cool a room uniformly but what if you need a fan that provides personalized cooling? Well, a table fan does just that. You can place a table fan right next to yourself and enjoy the cool breeze coming from it. For example, if you are a homemaker who spends hours in the kitchen then a table fan can help you bear the sweltering summer heat. Similarly, if you are a student or a working professional who works out of your personal desk then you can simply place the fan on your table and focus better on your work/study.

2. Table fans take up very little space.

The best thing about table fans is that they are compact in size and so they take up very little space. They are an ideal fit for rooms with a low hanging ceiling where it is impossible to install a ceiling fan, or for rooms with minimal floor space that doesn’t offer much space to install a pedestal fan. They can easily be placed on a kitchen countertop and tables. Another good thing about table fans is that they are plug-and-play devices and so installation is not a concern.

3. Table fans can be easily moved one from one room to another.

Can you move a ceiling fan from one room to another? Or can you shift a wall fan from one wall to another? Well, the answer might be a yes but don’t you think that’s too much of a hassle. The point we want to stress here is the portability benefit of table fans. This is one of the most unique features of a table fan. Table fans being lightweight and compact in size can easily move from one place to another.

4. Table fans come with a unique oscillation feature.

While table fans are known for offering personalized cooling, you can also use them to uniformly cool a small portion of a room by switching on their oscillation feature. Most table fans come with a 180-degree oscillation. You need to check with the seller to get an exact idea of the range the fan can cover. The oscillation feature allows the table fan to move in a to-and-fro manner which lets it distribute the air to every nook and corner of the room.

5. Table fans can help slash electricity bills.

Table fans are energy-efficient and they consume far less energy than most other fan types. For example, the Speed Pro by Luminous India consumes only 55 Watts of power. In fact, we mentioned in the beginning of this post that table fans can boost an AC’s cooling. Well, an AC’s internal fan is not very powerful and so it takes time to cool a room. By using a table fan, alongside an AC, one can easily speed up the cooling process. Most importantly, it helps reduce electricity bills as the sooner the room reaches the required temperature, the sooner the AC’s compressor shuts down, and the more you save on your energy bills.

Want to buy a good-quality table fan?

Now that you are aware of the benefits that table fans offer, we hope you have made up your mind to buy one. We suggest that you check out the table fans from Luminous India as it is one of the most reputable home electricals companies in India. And because they offer a wide range of products at very reasonable prices. The best part about Luminous India is that they offer excellent after-sales support and it is evident from the fact that the company has 70 million-plus customers around the world.

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