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5 Exceptional Reasons for Which you Should Pre-plan A Funeral


“Pre-planning a funeral”- It’s something that people rarely think of these days. The Egyptians did think of these and prepared themselves for the same once (the pyramids and all) but not anymore. That’s because nobody likes to think of death especially when they are living.

Now I will say that that’s completely justified. Why would you think of death when you have a life? But at the same time, you must realize that the inevitable will happen one day and you won’t be able to do a thing to keep it at bay especially at that point.

So my suggestion would be to think of these things after a certain age (say, around 70) in your life. Pre-planning a funeral is a wise step capable of offering a range of benefits to you and your loved ones from the financial point of view.

But financial benefits aren’t the end of it. There are more. Let’s go through them without further ado.

  1. If you want your wish to be fulfilled after death, this should be your way to go

You funeral honestly gives you an opportunity to say your goodbye in a special way. Do you want to make it memorable? If you do, it should be your way to go.

You can plan your arrangements with a credible funeral supplier or s service provider and let him/her know of several things that you want to happen on the day of your funeral ranging from music choices to several other religious options.

Pre-planning puts your decision right in your hand. So if you want to exercise your control on your departure from life, this can be a very good option for you to explore.

  1. Protect your family from the ever-rising funeral costs

Funeral costs aren’t too inexpensive that certain people think. In fact, sometimes it can go right off the roofs depending on the nature of the ceremony. The prices are also constantly changing (“increasing”, to be more specific) in this ever-fluctuating market.

You can turn this problem into a part of your solution through means of pre-planning. Sever funeral service providers provide their customers with pre-paid plans that one can use after this/her death. The prices also stay the same (based on the time in which the bond was signed).

So that puts both you and your family members at a benefit.

  1. Remove the burden of your funeral arrangements and expenses from your family

When any loved one dies in your family, it becomes an intense matter of concern. Emotions run high which is undoubtedly very much justified. These would be one of the most challenging times faced by families that usually take quite a number of days for full recovery.

You can alleviate the issue yourself by pre-planning your funeral. A pre-planned funeral gives funeral homes an idea as to the things that should be done after the death. It reduces a lot of hassle. It also reduces a lot of expenses. Things like that can benefit your family tremendously in such unfortunate circumstances.

  1. Pre-planning a funeral can benefit your personal financial estate

Investment in a funeral bond is a smart investment indeed not just because of the benefits that it can bring to your loved ones in particular; in fact, it can also benefit your personal financial estate as a whole.

A funeral bond is seen as an exclusion from your estate. It means all your savings, as well as your assets, will go to your family members (as stated in your will) in exactly the way they are. Funds won’t be deducted from your estate to account for your funeral service. If that’s not a benefit, we seriously don’t know what is.

  1. A pre-planned funeral gives you and your family members the complete peace of mind

Like I said before, a pre-planned funeral reduces a lot of financial burden on a family. A simple fact like that can also put you at ease knowing that the future of your family is in safe hands even at times of your death.

So peace of mind is guaranteed for sure.

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