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5 Drink Alternatives When You’re Trying to Cut Back on Alcohol

You just finished up your appointment at Central Iowa Neuropathy and you were told it would be a good idea to cut back on alcohol. We all know that alcohol isn’t the best for us, but it can be so hard to cut back sometimes. This is certainly understandable as there are a lot of addictive qualities to alcohol.

If you’re trying to cut back on alcohol – first, good for you! We’re here to help you make this transition as easy as possible. Here are 5 drink alternatives when you’re trying to cut back on alcohol.

Sparkling Water

There’s a reason that people who are trying to cut back or stop drinking alcohol turn to sparkling water as their beverage of choice. Sparkling water has some similarities to alcohol, which makes it a great alternative when you’re trying to cut back. This fizzy, carbonated drink tastes much like those alcoholic seltzers you’re trying to stay away from. They also come in hundreds of varieties, so take a look next time you’re at the store to see which flavor appeals most to you. You’ll usually find them next to the water!

Sugar-Free Sodas

Like sparkling water, sugar-free sodas can make a great substitute for alcohol. You get the carbonation and flavor without the hangover the next day. Sugar-free sodas are also much healthier for you with their low calorie and carbohydrate content. Fortunately, most sodas now have a sugar-free or a diet option. If you’re wanting to cut back on having a glass of wine each night, head to your local grocery store for a sugar-free Sprite.


Tea isn’t only a good alternative to alcohol, but it is a much healthier one as well. Tea has a slew of positive benefits to both your body and mind. Lavender tea is perfect if you’re trying to calm down and relax as you start your journey to cut back on alcohol. As long as you aren’t adding in mounds of sugar, tea is one of the healthiest drinks you could have. If you’re wanting a bit of sweetness in your tea, consider healthier alternatives like honey.

Natural Fruit Juices

Let’s have a mimosa, without the champagne! No, seriously. Mimosas are a great brunch drink, but when you’re trying to limit your alcohol intake – natural fruit juices could be just the right substitute for you. Oftentimes, alcoholic drinks will contain some type of fruit juice – orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice… you get the gist. You can put a spin on the natural fruit juices and add a splash or two of sparkling water to give it that extra kick.


In 2023, more and more people are becoming sober-curious. You’re not alone in this endeavor, which is great for you – as many restaurants are paying attention. Mocktails are all the rage, and they give you just the taste you’re looking for when you miss alcohol. You could even make your own mocktails at home if you are used to having a nightcap after a long day. Check out websites, like Pinterest, for some mocktail inspiration!

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