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5 Common Seatbelt Myths for Truck Drivers Debunked

SeatbeltTruck accidents can result from a number of reasons. Some of the common causes of truck accidents involve speeding, driver fatigue, distractions and so on. Numerous truck accidents occur because drivers fail to adhere to the traffic rules.

Traffic rules specify that all drivers are required to wear seatbelts when they drive. The primary reason for this is that seatbelts prevent the driver from getting ejected out of the vehicle in the event of a collision.

A seatbelt locks the person in place when the sudden force is exerted on the driver, thus restraining him/her from moving with the truck’s inertia. Additionally, it also limits the impact of this force by spreading it along the entire body, thus diminishing the effect.

However, numerous myths have shrouded the usage of a seatbelt so much so that people believe and act on these. Let’s take a look at some of these myths and debunk each of these.

Myth 1.

Seatbelts trap the driver after a crash.

It is a common misconception among many truck drivers that seatbelts will only trap them if a collision occurs and it will prevent them from getting out of the vehicle. This myth has turned out to be scarier because fire and submersion are related to accidents.

The fact is, nothing can be further from the truth. First of all, not all accidents end in a fire or submersion. Therefore, there is hardly any scope of being trapped. Also, with a seatbelt on, you are quite likely to be alert and conscious enough to get out from the truck when an accident occurs.

Myth 2.

Good truck drivers do not need to wear seatbelts.

It is commonly believed that good truck drivers are skilled enough to be able to maneuver the vehicle in a way that can prevent accidents and hence, they do not need to wear seatbelts. This is obviously incorrect.

Seatbelt is a safety measure that can prevent an accident from turning into a major threat. Also, being a good driver does not necessarily mean that all the drivers of the vehicles you will be sharing the roads with will have the same trait as you. Therefore, it is extremely important to wear a seatbelt so that such encounters do not end up being fatal.

Myth 3.

Seatbelts are not required when driving at low speeds.

If you are a victim of a head-on collision and you are not wearing a seatbelt, you will be thrown towards the windshield with the same speed as the truck is traveling in. While driving, no speed is too low to make this impact small enough to not sustain any injuries. For example, if you are traveling at a speed of 25 mph, the impact that you will feel will be similar to falling down from a three-story building.

Myth 4.

Seatbelts are not necessary if the truck is equipped with airbags.

Again, this is not true.

Airbags work best when paired with a seatbelt. While seatbelts provide you enough protection to hit the windshield in a head-on collision, airbags will prevent your head from hitting the steering wheel, thus reducing the risk of head injury or even possible death. Therefore, even if your truck has airbags, you will still be risking your life if you do not wear seatbelts.

You should also know that wearing lap belts isn’t enough since this will not restrict your head from moving forward in a collision. As a result, you may sustain serious head, neck and spinal cord injuries.

Myth 5.

Seatbelts restrict movement and are uncomfortable.

The first thing that you should do once you get into your truck is wear and adjust the seatbelt properly. Once you have adjusted the seat and the lap belts appropriately, you will find that it will alleviate your discomfort by a great deal. The right adjustment will ensure that you do not feel restricted by it.

Additionally, seatbelts do not require much time to be adjusted properly. It hardly takes 5 seconds to buckle up and such a little effort can actually save your life.

A truck accident can be quite hazardous since it is quite different from accidents involving other vehicles. As a result, these cases require competent attorneys to recover the rightful compensation. With a seatbelt on, you can not only save your life but the ones you are sharing the road with.

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