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5 Common Mistakes People Make while Going for a Bouncy Castle Hiring Service

Bouncy castles are tailor-made for kiddy parties. But that doesn’t mean you should go for ANY service in general with your eyes closed. You need to look into a few basic things to affirm the fact that the product and the service are right up to the level of perfection.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that people make while going for a bouncy castle service.

  • Going for the most inexpensive bunches of the lot

Inexpensive doesn’t always mean effective. You might think that it can save you a whole lot of bucks bit it doesn’t guarantee you quality in any way whatsoever.

A bouncy castle hiring service is quite expensive to operate. Here are a few reasons that can justify that statement of yours:

  • Storage cost: Bouncy castles are huge, heavy and do require a lot of space for storage. Storage space doesn’t come for free. It’s expensive indeed. So where would this money come if the business sells its wares for a price that’s almost as inexpensive as chips?
  • Insurance: A credible bouncy castle service must be insured against all forms of damage. Insurance is expensive indeed. So how can a bouncy castle company provide their services at such an inexpensive rate? Check whether they are insured or not.
  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs eat up a huge chunk of the revenue. All those cleanings and other related stuff cost money. So the next time you go for a bouncy castle company that provides its services at an unbelievable price, make sure you ask the supplier one simple question: “ How often do you clean your castles?” You might just receive a sudden shock.

So what are your takeaways from the three points mentioned above? Inexpensive wares don’t always guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.

  • The bigger the bouncy castle, the better it is

Nah! It doesn’t work that way mate. Just like the point stated above, we can easily say that bigger doesn’t always mean better.

You need to consider a host of things before you go for an actual service and these are:

  • The availability of your area. Will it be able to accommodate a huge castle?
  • Accessibility to your area.
  • Quality of the surface.
  • Power accessibility ease.
  • Material restrictions.

The size of your bouncy castle should be selected only on basis of the things mentioned in the above paragraph. So the bigger might definitely not signify better.

  • Not paying much heed to bouncy castle safety

Bouncy castles are fun indeed but that doesn’t mean you should not look into the different safety issues associated with the castles before you actually go for one.

Bouncy castle safety is important indeed. That’s because it’s primarily a thing that’s associated with children and teenagers and hence, its safety can never be left unnoticed especially during the ongoing of a party.

So always inquire these things before you opt for a service. This practice can definitely benefit you in the long run.

  • Not considering options

It’s definitely a poor practice indeed. How can you be sure that the bouncy castle company in your area is the best of the lot when you, yourself haven’t pursued any other options lying in the same bracket?

The advice, therefore, is to browse the internet, look for a few more options and then pinpoint one of your choice that suits you the best. Do not just believe in the word of mouth that Bouncy Castle service “X” is the best of the lot. Judge for it yourself.

  • Wrong castle selection (just to save money)

Overspending and under spending both lie in this category.

Say, for example, you went for the flashiest and the biggest bouncy castle in your town without knowing whether you will be able to accommodate the same in your place or not. What happens if you can’t? Your money goes down the drain; isn’t it? That takes care of one situation.

Another situation: You go ahead and hire a castle which isn’t well-maintained enough in anyway whatsoever. You went ahead with the deal just because you wanted to save some bucks. What happens if somebody injures himself/herself during the ongoing of the party as a result of that?

So technically, you can very well see that both can result in wastage of money. The advice, therefore, is to research a bit before going for it.

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