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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Selecting Plastic Parts

When you need to get plastic parts made it is crucial you pick the right supplier and you pick the right materials and process. If you make a mistake you stand to lose money and, crucially, time. But if you are new to the industry then it can be difficult to know what the "right" way is. Take a look at the quick advice below so that you don't make the common mistakes others do when selecting an injection moulding company and the plastic parts for your unique needs.


1. Wanting the Wrong Plastic

You may have got it in your head that you need a particular plastic, and you carry on with your request even when you learn to the contrary that it may be the wrong choice. Don't assume you know everything (unless you have been in the business for decades). When you have an open mind you can receive advice that makes selecting a plastic for injection moulding more successful. Don't set your mind on one thing before you ask questions and have them answered by a professional - where will the part be used? Does the plastic need to serve a particular purpose and have particular qualities, for example, perfume, or self-lubrication?

2. Spending Too Much on Unnecessary Detail

The main idea you need to keep in mind is, is your design fit for purpose? Does it do what it is required to do? If so, you may not need some of the extras or special finishes that are available. For example, if the tool is fine with a simple machine finish and it works well then you do not need to add a polish to the mix. Asking a professional like www.dataplastics.co.uk for their honest opinion is the best way to avoid unnecessary expense.

3. Choosing the Wrong Supplier

Of course, you need to be able to trust the company you use so that you can be sure they are not selling you something you don't need. In both of the cases above, the mistake could have been rectified on receiving quality advice from a professional. You need to make sure that the person you work with is experienced and trustworthy. Often you will have specific needs that will not be met by a general company - you need a specialist.

4. Picking the Wrong Design

When you get your design right you are onto a winner. The wrong design can cost you a fortune. When you work with the manufacturer at the earliest possible opportunity you can fine-tune the design and make sure you are taking advantage of features that can be built-in at an early stage that will save you money further down the line.

5. Not Considering Your Budget

You may have a budget in mind but is it realistic? Many people make the mistake of believing they can get the job done at a low cost and will try to stick to this budget even when quality is sacrificed. Being flexible on volumes can make a difference, as can keeping in mind both a tooling price and a piece price.

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