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5 Common Dental Health Mistakes People Make

Dental hygiene is of capital importance, and most people take it very seriously. But what many people fail to realise is that in their attempt to clean their teeth, they may end up weakening them. Here are five common mistakes people make with dental health, and how to correct them.

1. Flossing is Optional

One major mistake that many make when brushing their teeth is thinking the flossing is optional, or just an “extra” step they can choose to take. Many of them think that flossing isn’t as necessary because they feel like their teeth are clean enough from brushing. Others just forget, and don’t think it is a very big deal. The truth of the matter is that flossing cleans the teeth in a way that brushing cannot. Many bacteria and plaque get lodged between teeth, and flossing is the only way to get it, making it a required step of dental hygiene.

2. No Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a must have, but many consider it as something extra. It is a great fail safe, and can save someone who missed a spot or has bad dental hygiene. It is by no means a replacement to brushing the whole mouth, but it can assist in cleaning of the whole mouth. There are a variety of mouthwash out there, and some even leave marks where there is still plaque or bacteria, allowing the brusher to locate places they missed.

3. Tongue and Cheek

Cleaning the tongue and cheeks is important, and directly affects dental hygiene. Neglect of the tongue and cheeks can make brushing useless by simply putting bacteria and plaque back on the teeth. Having a clean tongue and cheeks also make breath smell better in addition to improving hygiene, and should be a part of the dental hygiene routine.

4. Not Cleaning Thoroughly

According to the people at the Perfect Smile Spa, many who have a strict dental hygiene routine often forget the clean their entire mouth, and neglect their back teeth. Because many see their front teeth and that they’re clean, they often assume this means their entire mouth is clean. This is not true, and the entire mouth must be clean to maintain strict dental hygiene.

5. Over Brushing

Many want to get their teeth as clean as possible, and extra brushing is a common mistake many brushers make. Many people think that the more they brush the cleaner their teeth will be, and while that is mostly true, they may end up cleaning off their protective enamel layer. Over brushing can be a result of someone brushing too hard, or too long. This eliminates the enamel layer, and makes the teeth vulnerable to bacteria and cavities.

Many people are still making critical mouth dental health mistakes. Lack of dental hygiene can cause permanent damage to your mouth and your whole body as well. Identifying common dental mistakes and making better habits will improve dental health, and save unnecessary dental work.

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