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4 Retail Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

teaArt can really be found everywhere. You can find it in nature, you can find it in architecture, and you can even find it in interior design schemes. Retail designs, in particular, can also be surprisingly artistic, to the point that even the best retail interior designer and artist, like Peter Marino, will be impressed.

Below is a list of just four of the many retail designs that will surely take your breath away. If you own a shop, you may want to set up your space in a similar fashion.

1. Aigle in Paris

The Aigle flagship store is located in Paris, and it has been designed to look like the inside of a home rather than the inside of a retail location. As you walk through, you can browse clothing in what feels like a very large walk-in closet, you can take a spiral staircase to the second floor, and you can see all of the artwork that adorns the walls above the comfortable sofas next to the large mirrors.

2. Joyce Boutique in Shanghai

The Joyce Boutique, which is located in Shanghai, is yet another retail establishment that has such a unique design to it that it will take your breath away. Designed by Koichi Futatsumata, this store is located in the IAPM mall, and it is a luxury retail space that features a lovely curved ceiling, curved walls, plenty of artistic details throughout, and an interior that can be described as sleek and stylish. It even combines vintage and modern details and features a window gallery through which you can see the artwork of talented new artists.

3. Liu Jo Grand Boutique in Milan

Milan is home to the amazing Liu Jo Grand Boutique, which features a truly modern design scheme that is refined yet simple. The clean, soft carpeted white floors give way to massive product displays that are a combination of luxurious gold and sophisticated black. There is also plenty of lighting, and an atmosphere that is inviting, home-like, relaxing, and comfortable, especially thanks to the armchairs and the simplicity of the space.

4. Tommy Bahama in New York

The Tommy Bahama flagship store, which is located in New York, is massive at 13,000 square feet, but what makes it even more unique is the fact that it is decorated to look like a tropical retreat in the middle of a bustling city. This store actually features three levels, along with a tropically decorated restaurant. Throughout most of the design, you will find natural woods, along with driftwood, seashell sculptures, and palm trees that create a tropical and soothing atmosphere that makes you feel like you are a world away.

Designing your own retail space can be a lot of fun, and you can use the examples above to make a winning interior design scheme for your own business. But even if you do not own your own shop, you can definitely appreciate the art and beauty that has been infused into some of the world’s most luxurious retail establishments.

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