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4 Hunting Tips for Texas High Desert Mule Deer

Hunting in the desert is hard as it is. When you’re hunting the elusive high desert mule deer in the desert, you’re in for the long haul. The wide-open desert may seem like a shooting gallery, but it can swallow deer right before your eyes.

So, here are some useful tips for you to hunt Texas high desert mule deer on your own.

4 Hunting Tips for Texas High Desert Mule Deer

1. Monitor Doe Groups for Movement

Make sure you track doe groups instead of individual deer. During your scouting efforts, it’s important that you go for a group rather search for a lone deer. This will increase the chances of success and is also the smart thing to do.

One of the most effective ways to hunt a mule deer is to wait until a hot doe splits from the group. When this happens, there will be fewer eyes and you’ll have a better chance of sneaking into bow range.

2. Hunt Around Water Holes

If you can’t catch a break and can’t locate any deer, then head for the water hole. This is the classic tactic of letting the prey come to you. Water holes are key spots for doe groups and bucks to gather. You can find them there morning, noon, or night, depending on the heat.

You can find these watering holes easily on Google maps. Just make sure to locate them beforehand and lie in wait. The extra effort you employ will pay off in the end.

3. Stalk Your Prey Within Range

If you can spot some bucks moving in with the doe groups, you should cut them off. This won’t be easy. It’s hard to move undetected in the open desert. Hence, you should use the terrain to your advantage. Work slowly when exposed. And move quickly if you’re concealed. While this can take a long time, the wait will be worth it.

4. Try Whitetail Tactics

Finally, you can try whitetail tactics. You can try rattling antlers and subtle grunts. These are sounds which can bring a curious mule deer into range. This is true for satellite bucks which are traveling without a pack of doe.

With some of these grunts and antler rattles, you can attract the attention of a competing mule deer. They won’t seek out a fight, but they will answer a call to one. Blind calling doesn’t work as well though. Instead, you should locate a buck and then make these sounds to lure it in for the kill.

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