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4 Easy Ways to Make Money with 3D Printing

19721965130_d5641c92b6_oThe 3D printing industry has been growing at an exceptionally fast pace. With a variety of improvements being made to the technology to meet the increasing customer expectations, this technology is all set to go mainstream.

The 3D printing technology has added a new dimension, literally and figuratively, in manufacturing. It has been empowering entrepreneurs and building up a new industry around it, layer by layer.

3D printing has generated new opportunities for making money by dissolving barriers that stand in the way of becoming an entrepreneur. However, to make it big in this industry, you need to have a specific idea about how to make the most of it. This means you would need to assess the markets and distil the possibilities down to actionable paths.

Following are a few effective ways to make money in the 3D printing industry.

Create Designs for 3D Printing and Sell Them

This is one of the most effective business ideas involving 3D printing. If you have a knack for intricate and useful designs and possess the right dose of creativity, you can consider selling the designs you create for 3D printing.

3D printing involves the utilization of Computer Aided Design (CAD). There are numerous 3D CAD tools available that you can utilize to create these designs. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is learn how to use some of these. The good news is, most of these tools are available free of cost.

If you are out of design ideas, you can always find some inspiration on the Internet. Ensure that the designs you create are 3D printable. Once the files are ready, you can start selling those.

Sell Customised Products

Printing and selling customised goods can be a very profitable business opportunity. The 3D printing technology has ventured into a number of domains from jewellery to food. With a little bit of creativity, you make the most of this technology by creating and selling unique and innovative products.

To make this business idea successful, there are certain actions you need to take. These include the following:

  • Find the right platform to get your products out in the marketplace. While creating your own website is one way to go about it, you can also consider selling your products on other established e-commerce websites.
  • Build your own brand and present the products you create. Relevant product descriptions, the right tags and high-resolution pictures and videos can make the products more attractive.
  • The next step is to market the products. You would need to spread the word about your products. Identify your target consumers and create effective strategies to advertise the products you create. Leverage social media to showcase your work and build important connections.

Providing 3D Printing Services

The commercialisation of 3D printers has equipped many homes with 3D printing facilities. Investing in a 3D printer can open up a wonderful business opportunity.

For this, you would need to select a printer that has the right features for the printing services you wish to offer. The following features are important:

  • Ease of usage
  • Quality of prints
  • Versatility

3D printing involves a lot of intricacies that depend on the variety of aspects of the printer including extrusion temperature, heights of the layers, printing speed and so on. Experiment enough to understand how the printer works. A variety of raw materials is available for printing purposes. Once you have gained enough expertise, you can start providing printing services to your clients.

An additional service would be to list your 3D printer on online directories for your clients to pay and use it to print their own products.

Invest in 3D Companies

You can consider buying stocks from a couple of 3D companies to multiple your income. While investing in well-established companies is a good choice, you can also try finding startup companies dealing with 3D printing. The best thing about investing in 3D companies is that it can provide a good return on your investment.

Before investing, it is important to do your homework and analyse the potential of the companies to make an informed decision.

These ideas can help you make the most of the 3D printing revolution and become a part of the network that is working towards making it more accessible.

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