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4 Diamond Cuts That Would Impress Your Girlfriend


Everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when you need to impress your girlfriend then you know that nothing can beat a diamond. While most of us know about carat weight in diamonds and that the bigger the diamond the more the carat weight, what most of us do not know is that there are various diamond cuts and these diamond cuts augment a diamond and make it more impressive.

Oval cut diamond:

Among the many cuts of a diamond, the oval is among the most recent ones. The diamond industry is inundated with round cut diamonds and the oval cut with its lengthier shape has caught the fancy of women. In fact, oval cut diamonds tend to make the shape of your fingers look impressive. If a woman has hands that are small, by wearing an oval cut diamond, the wearer’s hands will look lengthier and slim. If you are looking for a diamond for your girlfriend who has short hands, then look no further than an oval cut diamond. She will be mighty impressed and thank you for it.

Cushion cut diamond:

The cushion cut or pillow cut as it is known is common like the round cut diamonds. Diamond cutters have been creating this shape with its curved corners for centuries. The cushion cut has 58 facets. But this cut had gone out of fashion and has only now returned back with a vengeance. The allure of vintage cuts has brought this cut back into fashion. In fact, in most royal households you will find that the diamond jewels passed on from generation to generation were predominantly round cuts or cushion cuts. If your girlfriend likes vintage or retro designs then you should buy her a cushion cut diamond.

Princess cut diamond:

This is the second most popular diamond cut after the round cut. It is also known as the square modified brilliant. The diamond sparkles in all its brilliance and provides a different fashion variation and hence women love the princess cut. From the time it was introduced and till now, the princess cut has given the round cut a run for its money. If you want to impress your girlfriend with a different cut then what better than the princess cut.

Round cut diamond:

The queen of diamond cuts is the round cut diamond. From the 1900’s till now the round cut diamond has maintained its prominence. The round cut has 57 facets and this helps it to disperse light well and this causes its sheer brilliance. Round cuts are preferred by jewelers worldwide as it helps them create wonderful jewelry designs. More than 70% of the diamonds in the world are round cut diamonds followed by the others, you can gauge its popularity from this. Most women love round cut diamonds and when you are gifting a diamond then you can always choose the one that most women love and not worry as it will surely be loved by your girlfriend.

These are the 4 predominant cuts, there are others too but they are not as popular as these. Apart from the cuts, the design is also important. There are many jewelry designers nowadays and they come up with new and wonderful designs. You can ask the jeweler for the latest designs or opt for a retro one depending on your preference. Or you can select a design online and ask your jeweler to prepare a ring for the diamond based on your selection. You can also have your names engraved on the ring for the additional personal touch.

Remember that a diamond ring is just your way of saying that you value your girlfriend and your relationship. But to keep the relationship you need to make sure you stay true to it. Also when you gift a diamond it means that you are giving something to last a lifetime because diamond symbolizes that. The diamond has special significance because it took millions of years to form and it went through a lot to become what it is plus it is one of the hardest stones and does not easily break. So when you gift a diamond you are stating that you guys went through a lot to reach where you are today. Your relationship has been through tough and good times and you have formed a bond which is hard and unbreakable. This significance is the reason why girls love to receive diamonds as an engagement gift. It means a lot to them.

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