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3 Vital Fire Alarm Safety Tips

Keep this very important fact in mind: there is only one minute and usually even less for you to escape a fire in your home. According to professional fire alarm companies, every house and building require smoke alarms as well as smoke detectors. The presence of such fire safety devices in the house doubles the chances of escaping death. Statistics say that since the early 1970s home smoke detectors and alarms systems have cut various fire fatalities in more than half.


Still it is a proven fact that more than 3,000 people annually die in Canada because of fires. 40% of those deaths that do occur, take place in houses that lack working smoke detectors and fire alarms.

If you don’t have a smoke alarm, get one or as many as you need – today.

Never deactivate fire alarm system while cooking

Every fire alarm company within the Canada will confirm that most fire deaths occur because of smoke inhalation. This means that it is more probable for people to choke on the smoke than they inhaled rather than succumb to burns. Also, you are just as likely to be barricaded in your home due thick and harmful smokes instead of the fire. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, the smoke poses a larger threat than the actual flames. This makes it all the more important for you to leave the premises as soon as you possibly can.

People tend to deactivate their fire alarm systems while cooking. The alarms tend to be activated by the plumes of smoke as a result of smoking pans on the stove. While it may be tempting to do so, you should never turn it off to prevent noise from being emitted. This is because Kidde smoke detectors as well as smoke alarms systems help you respond faster to fires. This means that you can avoid fatal smoke inhalation.

Exit the building when you hear fire alarm sound

The moment you hear you alarm working, you should leave the house or building and wait outside. The signal will be automatically transferred to your fire alarm company and to the fire department. To make sure that your signal was, in fact, picked up, you can call 9-1-1 from your neighbor’s house.

Some fire alarms also have a signal of a flashing light in addition to the sound effects. Today on the market you can even find smoke detectors and fire alarms that trigger some vibration under the sleeping pillow. It is best to get an alarm that can alert you to any danger, regardless of where you are in your home.

The importance of drills

Most people underestimate the importance of drills but you need to understand that in such situations your brain stops working, it get paralyzed and the only things you can rely on are your instincts. It means that you need to drill the escape route into your memory so that it will stay in your head forever. Fire alarm experts say that the in case of workplaces, such drills should be performed as often as possible. This will ensure that in the instance of a real fire, everyone would follow the rules and routes to escape safely and all together.

Drills may seem to be useless for people who have never been in such situations before. However, according to the statistics of a fire alarms company, those who practiced an escape route before have 83% more chance to escape safely and much faster than people without trainings.

Trainings about the possible hazards and equipment, such as fire extinguisher types, should also be performed regularly at any workplace. This will raise awareness of the problem as well as knowledge about actions in case of fire.

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