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3 Safety and Security Items Every College Student Should Have

College Student You still can’t quite get over the fact that your baby is now a freshman in college. At the same time, you can’t quite shake the feeling of anxiety you are having about your sweetie’s safety on campus. Even colleges in the nicest towns experience instances of crime, and while you know your child is careful about things like locking his apartment door or not walking to her car alone at night, you are a parent, so you worry.

Fortunately, there are a number of safety and security items that you can purchase and send to your favorite freshman; they are all designed to help your student feel protected and safe while in and out of the dorm or apartment.

Security Camera Systems

A great way to set both of your minds at ease about college safety is by buying your son or daughtera wire-free security camera system. Since they are wire-free, the cameras can be set up anywhere in your kiddo’s home, and they can help to keep their possessions well-protected while at home and away.

A Wearsafe Tag

If your student ever has to walk to and from campus at night, or maybe go to an evening job, a Wearsafe Tag can help to keep him or her safe. The Wearsafe Tag is a mobile panic button that is designed to get people help right away. Rather than fumbling for and trying to use a phone if your child feels threatened or thinks he or she is being followed, the Wearsafe Tag will send an alert to emergency contacts with the touch of a button. The alert will also include your child’s current GPS location and an audio of what’s going on around him or her.

Under-Bed Dorm Safe

Your son may rave about how cool his roommates are in the dorm and your daughter may really like her roomies in her apartment, but it’s still important for your college student to protect valuable possessions — maybe not from the roommate, but from acquaintances who stop by to visit. Thanks to theEC4Kids Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe, your kiddo can lock up important and irreplaceable items and then store them safely under his or her bed. The storage container resembles a lot of other under-bed products, so it won’t necessarily stick out as a safe. It also includes steel cable to secure it safely under the bed and it can store up to 50 pounds, which is plenty of space and weight for credit cards, ID, school loan documents, valuable electronics and more.

Laptop Kensington Lock

Chances are good that your college freshman will spend a lot of time on his or her laptop. Unfortunately, laptops can be an attractive item for thieves to steal; if your sweetie gets up from the library table to use the restroom or get a drink of water, the computer might be gone when he gets back, and they are not cheap to replace. In order to prevent this from happening, invest 30 bucks in the Kensington Cable Laptop Lock — you can purchase them at Amazon and other online sources. Virtually all laptops come with a Kensington security slot, a small reinforced slot in the side of the device where the locking security cable can be attached. The cable lock features a T-Bar locking head that attaches to the security slot and then around the leg of a desk or heavy chair.

Pepper Spray

Another great safety item for your college freshman is something you might have carried as well when you were away at school—or you still might have it in your purse or pocket: pepper spray. You can purchase it either online or at sporting goods stores and it’s available attached to a key ring and in a variety of case colors. Buy one or two of the canisters for your college freshman and his or her roommates and offer a gentle reminder that it will only help them if they remember to take it with them. The pepper spray can easily be carried in his or her hand and it’s great to take along for jogs or walks on campus or anytime your student will be out alone.

Get Invaluable Peace of Mind With These Products

Granted, your college student may roll his or her eyes at your safety-related concerns. If this is the case, reassure your kiddo that you trust them implicitly — you are just not as sure about other people. Then, get busy enjoying some online shopping with your freshman for a security camera system, an alarm tag and a safe — your child might not admit it, but they will be relieved to have these items as well.

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