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3 Productivity Tips for People with Overwhelming Schedules

set-schedule-maximize-productivity-timeThe world we live in today is riddled with all forms of distractions and it’s hard to actually become productive. Not to mention social media takes away our valuable time and at the end of day we look back and realize that we haven’t done anything productive in our entire day.

Not only because of distractions we don’t find time, is it also because of clogged schedules. Meetings, lunches, crowded inbox, attending to family and kids etc. takes up our time which prevents us from doing any actual productive work.

So how you can become productive among all this, in this article we seek to outline such steps. Read on to find out.

Employ time-blocking

To come up with a to-do list is not a bad thing but letting that to-do list sit there is seriously bad. We have a tendency to create lists but never act on them. Remember each to-do list item is time-bound because if the time has passed that to-do task becomes irrelevant.

So is there a workaround to it. Actually, there is and it’s called “time-blocking”. The concept is simple and yet was always right in front but you never acted on it. You will want to punch yourself for not employing it earlier in your life.

The idea is to take that to-do list of yours and then mark the items therein on your calendar, irrespective of the physical calendar or an online one. This way you block out the time to look back at your to-do list time and again.

When in the time-blocking zone, do not check your email or look at your phone (better shut it down). Get the task done and then you are free to access anything or everything.

Prioritize the work

If you view your day from a bird’s eye perspective, you will note that it only had one or two things that demanded your attention, rest weren’t that important and could have waited another day. You don’t believe, practice it someday and you will know.

Not all items on your to-do list or tasks are required to be completed on the same day unless, of course, your life depended on it (somehow). Point being, learn to prioritize work. The most pressing tasks are often the most arduous ones. As human beings, we try to stall them spending our time in less important tasks, such as checking email or attending meetings and before getting to the real task at hand.

What would have made an impact in your business, job or your day never gets done and then all you are left with is whining about how you could not find time to attend to that significant task. So tackle the most difficult challenge of the day first and leave time for minor ones at a later time.

Let us see an example. If you are a writer or an author, to write a book is no easy feat. Therefore, you can try to write 1000 words daily upon waking up each day. You will notice, you can benefit in unimaginable ways. It is because by keeping the most important task of the day first, you set the mood for the rest of your day ahead.

Multitask in an adequate manner

Multitasking does not speak of your productivity rather it speaks the exact opposite. When you are multitasking, it is quite easy to give up on one task and switch to another in the hopes of getting bits of both tasks completed. You are basically juggling tasks.

At the end, what you have is unfinished business/work. Since you didn’t focus on any task for that matter, you have performed every task less efficiently. Nor task 1 gets completed and neither does the task 2. All that occurs is your brain being caught between tasks. Tell me from which angle is this productive?

Thus, the ideal way to go about is to focus on one task at one point in time. Unless you’re done with it, don’t jump to another. These could be simple things; when talking to your wife, put aside your laptop. While driving, don’t text. At work, when conversing over skype with clients, close down any or all other browser windows and so on.

Yet we are not superhumans. It is difficult for us to focus. Had it been a cakewalk, every other person would have been doing it. So only after you have properly concluded task 1 before going to the next task you can say that you are good at multitasking or you multiple tasks in an adequate manner. Listening to audio books has proven to enable you to focus on the task at hand. Music can be distracting to people.

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