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3 Photo Ready Makeup Tips

Whether you’re preparing for a major event like a wedding or just looking to simplify your everyday makeup routine for work at ThriveMD, it’s important to make sure that you are able to create a makeup look that looks perfect not only in person, but on camera. Even lower quality iPhone cameras can pick up on and emphasize any imperfections such as unblended lines or improper colors, meaning that camera- ready makeup requires a few more steps than some people might think. Here are a few simple tips for ensuring that your makeup looks flawless on camera and in person.

  • Don’t Skip Moisturizer

While using moisturizer everyday is extremely important for maintaining the health and overall appearance of your skin, it is also critical for ensuring that your face makeup looks smooth and does not cling to any dry patches or fine lines on your face. If you have naturally dry skin, using a rich moisturizer such as a thick cream from Cetaphil or Cerave can help to keep your skin as hydrated as possible ahead of a makeup application. For those with naturally oily skin, moisturizing is still important especially ahead of a makeup application; however, sticking to a lightweight moisturizing gel from a brand like Clinique should do.

  • Avoid Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is one of the best makeup products for finishing your look and giving skin a flawless, airbrushed look, however it is one of the worst products you can use if you expect to be on camera. The light, translucent color of this powder tends to look stark white on camera, washing you out, especially when photos are taken with flash. If you expect to be on camera, using colored pressed powders (or avoiding powder altogether if you have dry skin) is a better option.

  • Be Careful With Highlighter

Highlighter is a necessary product for natural, glowy makeup looks, however it must be used carefully when you expect to be on camera. Since highlighter can make you look shiny or excessively oily when reflected back on camera, it is best to avoid placing it around your face; if you need to use highlighter to complete a look ahead of an anticipated appearance on camera, keep it limited to your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes in order to keep your dewy look intentional.

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