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10 Things That Could Be Done in 10 Minutes for a Nicer Home


Sometimes, we feel that even if we have a whole week we can’t make our house looking nice and in order. But actually, you can accomplish a lot of things in just ten minutes. You can tackle a whole set of tasks, so you can make you coming back home a pleasant treat after a long, tiring day. So tomorrow, wake up 10 minutes earlier and cross off these ten easy tasks of your cleaning to-do list!

1. Put Back Your Breakfast-Making Gear To Its Place

Do you leave your house messy after having a breakfast? Probably, you are taking out all the mugs until you get your favorite one. Actually, in order to have a nice looking kitchen there is no need to scrub it or sweep the floor. It will be enough, if you just take a minute and put as many things back into the cabinets as you can. It’s easy to get a tidy, pleasant view, just get yourself more organized. Besides, showing off a little countertop space will make the kitchen visually bigger and cleaner than it actually is.

2. Put Your Bathroom Countertop In Order

It goes without saying that the same could be applied for your bathroom. Do it as quickly as you can. Actually, it can take less than a minute to put your toiletries back to their place. If it’s hard for you, buy a box and place all small items inside, hoping this will ease the process. That way, your weekly cleaning schedule won’t be overloaded.

3. Make Your Bed

If you’re expert in making your bed or let’s say if you’re a perfect-corner sheet tucker, this process will definitely take you less than a minute. But, if this is not your strong trait, then it might take more than a minute. So, just throw a blanket on your bed or a quilt on top and arrange a few pillows.

4. Put Your Dirty Clothes In The Hamper

Yes, most of us just leave the dirty clothes when we took them off. But this makes the whole house looking messy and cluttered, besides it makes the cleaning harder and time-consuming.

5. Open The Window Blinds

It’s a really nice feeling to sleep in a dark room with closed blinds. Your sleep is deeper and you are more relaxed in the morning. But don’t forget to open the blinds in the morning, so when you come back home from work, it will be nicer to come to a bright space instead of a dark cave.

6. Deodorize The House

Most people don’t deodorize their homes, just because if they do it in the morning, the nice scent will be gone till they came back from work. But, the truth is that if you spritz your favorite spray, a nice smell will have left. It’s better than being bowled over by a stale scent. Therefore, give a little attention to the air in your home and make it smell a little fresher when you walk through the door.

7. Place A Bouquet Of Flowers On A Visible Place

Move your flower bouquet in a place where you can see it right as you enter into your house. It will be a nice welcome after a tough day. If you don’t have a bouquet, then buy one. It will definitely enliven your home.

8. Put The Living Room In Order

This task can take more than a minute, depending on the disarray level. What you could do is to fluff the sofa cushions, straighten the coffee table, and tuck a few things away, so you can organize them later. A clean room is always a good view. So keep it tidy and decluttered.

9. Lay Out a Treat

When we were at school, we used to have an after school snack after a tiresome day of lessons. Now, when we are grown ups what is your treat? A snack, or an episode of your favorite serial on Netflix? Just do it, you deserve a treat after hard working day.

10. Smile 🙂

People say smiling helps you improve your outlook. So every time you leave your home to go to work, take a few breaths, put a smile on and then walk out the door. It will definitely help ameliorate your opinion for the rest of the day. Think positive, be positive.

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