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10 Things a Handyman Won’t tell You But Every Homeowner Should Know

Homeowner Should KnowHow to find the most trustworthy handyman for the job & which are the household things you can fix yourself.

1. If Your Handyman Says He Can "Do It All"

Usually, this is not the case. Nobody can do it all, it’s not realistic. Actually, a sure sign you can trust is if I tell you I’m not the best person for any kind of a particular job.

2. Before Hiring a Plumber

First, try to use a plunger or a Zip-It drain-cleaning tool. This often does the trick in just a minute or two.

3. There’s an Advantage of Hiring a Contractor from a National Franchise

He’s usually screened & trained & has a boss you can complain to in case there is a problem. Pay attention, though, you may end up hiring an employee who doesn’t care as much about quality, and you almost always will pay a higher price.

4. Even Experienced Handymen Don’t Know Everything

Sometimes even they have to watch YouTube for tutorials. Also, the good handyman stays up to date on new products and trends and is always open to learning something.

5. Houses Must be Regularly Checked

It’s entirely up to you to inspect yours at least once a year. Do you have any rotten wood? Do you need to caulk around your windows & doors? It’s a lot less expensive to regularly fix these things.

6. Some of the Handymen May Give you a Different Price

Some of them charge more when they are really busy. Also, if they go to a really filthy house and they simply don’t want to work there, they may offer you a bigger price.

7. Before You Throw Something Out, Ask Yourself if You Can Repair It.

Sometimes broken doors, window frames, furniture, toys, and even medical beds can be fixed. So, don’t rush. Try to fix things first.

8. In Case the Handyman Asks to be Paid in Cash

Maybe he doesn’t have a business bank account or he might not be claiming all his income on his taxes. But, you have to ask yourself - if this guy doesn’t have the integrity to pay his taxes, do you think he’ll have the integrity to do some good work when nobody’s watching?

9. Yes, They’ll Fix Your Faucet

Or fix your sticky door. But, don’t be surprised when they charge you for it. A big part of the living comes from "while you’re here" jobs.

10. Deal with the Dog

This doesn’t mean to lock him in the bedroom, where he’ll bark all day. Why not see if someone can keep him for the day instead.

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