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10 Steps to Keep The Tiny Visitors Away From Your Storage Locker?

We all hate trespassers, don’t we? Especially if they are the tiny and creepy ones who destroy the things and sometimes even give us the creepy feeling by their mere presence. You are right. I am talking about insects, bugs and all the tiny creatures that cause a menace to our personal property. When a locker is out from the factory the materials and the essence of the storage locker is as fresh as the dewdrops. A lockers supplier is responsible for the product until and unless the transfer of ownership does not take place. As soon as it is bought by the customer the entire responsibility of the product vests upon the concerned person. So once you become the owner of the newly bought storage locker the entire responsibility of its maintenance vests upon you. There is no problem on the earth that does not have a solution. And this problem too has a list of solution.


We all have heard the saying which goes as ‘Prevention is better than cure’. When you have just bought a storage locker start taking preventive measures from the very beginning so that you can tackle the problem of insects and bugs at an early stage. Let me take you through some of the preventive measures that is sure to safeguard the lifespan of your storage lockers.

So how do you keep the bugs and insects from trespassing your locker? Read on to find out the answer.

1. Sanitize the storage locker before you load the locker with the necessary things. A clean environment is the greatest repellent for bugs and moths. Make it a point to wipe the cupboard thoroughly, even if it is a new storage locker, that recently been out from the manufacturing unit.

2. Clean the things that you would be storing inside the lockers. Just like you clean.

3. If rats are your frequent visitors then try the rat traps, one of the tried and tested solutions of all times. Do keep on checking the traps otherwise, you might end up with a rotten body inside the locker which is, even more, worse than insects and rats.

4. Spray some peppermint oil on the edges or the opening of the locker. Yes, peppermint oil works wonders to keep away mice and spiders. Those eight-legged creatures are vulnerable to the smell of the peppermint oil and hence this proves to be the greatest pet peeves for spiders. If you do not want to spray then you can sprinkle the oil in a cotton ball and place it inside the storage locker.

5. When you are storing food, make sure to properly close the container so that you do not attract ants. Avoid creating a mini buffet for the insects by dropping food particles or loosely closing the lids or even worse keeping the lids open – a great opportunity for the insects to have a feast. Be careful while storing food items.

6. Set a routine to clean your storage lockers at regular intervals. Just like your house needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, the storage lockers also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and dust that gets accumulated over a period of time. Insects and bugs all get attracted to a dirty environment and hence do not give them the privilege of a dirty environment by not cleaning your locker spaces.

7. Check for any holes or cracks that might prove to be an easy entrance for these insects even if the doors are locked. Close all possible opportunities for the insects, preventing them from entering your personal space.

8. Cockroaches – an insect that most of the women can’t stand and even the mere sight of this insect disgusts them. Well, we have an interesting solution to keep this creepy creature away from the storage locker. You can try sprinkling some boric acid that is less intense in nature to prevent their menace.

9. Discipline – one of the important characteristics to be successful in life. Always arrange the things in your locker so that you avoid cluttering your storage space. A neat and well-maintained cupboard will give fewer opportunities for the insects and bugs to hide and make their own space without your intervention.

10. The rainy seasons need the maximum amount of care as it is the peak season for all the insects and bugs who are trying to make a space of their own in these so-called cozy lockers. Do not feel reluctant to spray the lockers with pesticides that are mild in nature.

These are some of the basic methods that could be implemented to keep away all the insects, bugs moths, cockroaches and even spiders from entering your personal space and having a hold on your personal possessions. Implement them religiously to avoid the menace of these tiny creatures, eating up your million dollar storage locker.

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