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10 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

Gone are the days when you could catch up with your peers and coworkers over a cafe, bar, or any enclosed space that had lots of games and fun activities to enjoy. Since the onset of the pandemic, the walls and the ceiling have become our world. Our rate of going out got less and less with time. And the culture of work from home became a necessity for every working professional.

But handling a remote team and functioning efficiently in one isn’t a simple task. Many factors play a vital role in determining the efficiency of an online group. And their productive input ultimately decides the final result of the project. So, what exactly can we do to boost our team-building skills amidst such situations when we have to work remotely and avoid physical interactions?

We have various task management activities for the very purpose, like virtual personality development classes, interactive sessions on social media, and escape rooms. But the element that makes the escape rooms a better choice than the others is versatility. You can enjoy a thrilling experience while de-stressing and solving plenty of challenging riddles. These virtual games also shoo off your awkwardness to give you the confidence to lead and work strategically in a team.

Okay, now we know that these puzzles are great for team-building and development. But are there some good-quality virtual escape games that anyone can enjoy anytime and anywhere? Yes, there are countless such games that you can enjoy with your colleagues. Here’s a list of the 10-best virtual escape rooms that are informative as well as recreational:

1. Trapped in the Web

Highly acclaimed for improving your interaction and team-working skills, Trapped in the Web escape rooms are something that every escape room player must enjoy once. They offer 9-different puzzle themes to choose from with many levels of difficulty and team size. Also, their gameplay is pretty easy to understand as the clues are text-based and have detailed graphic backgrounds to support them.

2. The Grimm Escape

If you are hunting for a virtual escape room with family-friendly content that strengthens team developing skills, the Grimm Escape is where your search ends. Gear up with your team to defeat an evil witch by breaking her cursed spell and freeing the enchanted forest in an action-packed 60-minute game. Throughout this virtual escape room, you will discover plenty of encrypted clues and fascinating riddles that will deliver fantastic entertainment as well as sweet and unforgettable team bonding moments for everyone.

3. International Monster Hunter

You are a Cryptozoological researcher with a team that has to trace the clues and riddles across the lands of this 90-minute long escape game to unearth mythical creatures and entities like Loch Ness, Chupacabra, Bunyip, etc. The puzzles are engaging and emphasize team building and concentration amongst the players. And its unique setting that takes you on an adventurous journey of unearthing and trapping bizarre monsters across the continents will keep you hooked until the end.

4. Space Escape

If you are worried that your team with extra members won’t find the perfect escape room for yourselves, Space Escape is the correct choice for you as it allows you to play with up to 100-players. Your mission takes you on a journey to planet Mars as space cadets, where your challenge is to solve the puzzles and crack the codes to defeat the AI that has taken over your ship. Offering a stunning panorama with detailed narrations and code-breaking obstacles, you’ll have a blast playing in this escape room.

5. Arctic Survival Escape Room Challenge

You can now test your team development skills by putting your survival abilities to the test. Your mission is to solve the puzzles, finish the challenges, and decode the encrypted riddles to trace out your location for succeeding in the arctic’s rescue mission for an expedition. Filled with thrilling events and an engaging premise, you and your team will enjoy every bit of this escape room game.

6. Mr. X

Dive into the mysterious and mind-blowing world of Mr. X escape room with your teammates. You are an agent assigned to track the hostile and anonymous individual Mr. X who’s spreading terror in your organization by targeting people. Follow through a series of cryptic clues, tricky puzzles, and well-crafted challenges that will get your whole squad thinking and hacking their grey matter to find the answers. And it is a guarantee that you will not feel bored at any single moment of this thrilling virtual escape room that will bring your team together through a series of problem-solving-styled entertaining content.

7. Escape: The Midnight Express

A mini escape room that draws inspiration from the historical events and occurs on the 2nd of February 1861 aboard the Midnight Express. There’s been a glitch in the timeline that leaves you to solve the puzzles and find clues for reaching the answer behind the mystery before the time runs out. And the best part comes when all the secrets eventually lead you to Abraham Lincoln, and you have a new twist in the tale. So if you are looking for a mystery escape room that is great for team building, the Midnight Escape room is the perfect option for you.

8. 60 Out Escape Rooms

The 60 Out Escape Rooms provide you with many escape room games that are fun and easy to understand. Their themes are unique, and the plot behind each level and background is captivating. The puzzles and riddles will help you think out of the box and embrace creativity amidst a pressurizing situation. And with the tricky clues and varying levels of difficulty, it is without a doubt that you and your team will also get good mental exercises and emotional detoxification while playing these virtual escape room games.

9. Black Noir Online Escape Room

This all-time favorite virtual escape room has the setup in the Gangster era of NYC, where you, as the detective Mr. Jones, are out on the hunt to track a killer. Follow the beautiful and realistic premise of the city as you hack your brain to find clues and answers through a series of hints left behind in letters from the murder site. Relying on creepy elements and a horror-based setting, you and your team will love every moment of this fantastic and terror-styled escape room.

10. Jewel Heist

Sometimes, it’s good to take up the role of chasing the bad guys by defeating them and having fun in the process. And the Jewel Heist virtual escape room is here to help you accomplish this ambition. Your goal in this puzzle game is to procure the stolen precious jewels before the time runs out. There are plenty of brainteasers, intriguing clues, and challenges in this game that will have you think and be creative with your group to win the rounds and find solutions to the mind-boggling riddles. Perfect for team building, you will learn about problem-solving and cooperation while playing this escape room.

Final Thoughts

So with this, we finish our list of the 10-best virtual escape rooms that you can use to improve your team development skills. Although they might not be the ideal substitutes for real-life events and experiences, their unique themes and interactive puzzles are tremendously beneficial for helping you cultivate problem-solving skills and get better at communicating your ideas with others. And with more practice and sincere effort, you can further polish them and become a great strategist and a team manager in your future.

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