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​How To Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Baby?

cleaning-houseNow that you're a mom, your life is completely different. There are new priorities in your and your family's lives. One of them is to ensure a safe home environment for your newborn. Thus, cleaning once a week is not enough. You have to protect your infant from allergies, poisoning and so on. That's why you have to make sure your home is always well cleaned and sanitised with the proper household detergent. We all know that before the new family member entered your home, it was easier to keep it clean for a week, or until the next scheduled cleaning. Now, if it stays clean for couple of hours, it would be a great achievement.

Taking care of the baby definitely is your top priority. The amount of time you have for yourself decreases significantly. It's more than clear that you can't easily find time for cleaning, but you can’t skip it. The most important thing to do is to switch to a more child-­friendly cleaning routine.

Tips for Child-Safe Cleaning

Keeping your home clean now is more difficult than ever before. Do you remember the last time you sleep for 7 straight hours?). In addition, you can't use cleaning products with harsh chemicals in them.

  • Use household cleaners which have one of the following specifications:
    • Green product;
    • Nontoxic product;
    • Biodegradable product;
    • Petroleum, Phosphate, VOC, or Solvent Free product;
  • Another option is to mix the cleaning product with water. That way you'll not only make it less harsh but you'll use it longer and save money.
  • If you insist on having an absolutely chemical free cleaning solution, you can make it yourself. For example you can use baking soda, vinegar, or lemon.
  • If you feel exhausted and don't have energy at all, or just want to spend your time doing other staff. You can rely on the residential cleaners in your city. If you prefer this option, make sure the chosen company uses green cleaning products.

Cleaning Tips for Mothers

In case you decide to clean by yourself instead of a maid, you have to learn to clean smarter, faster and quieter (no one wants to wake a sleeping baby). Here are some tips you can implement into your routine:

  • Plan your cleaning, don't do everything at once. There's no point to deep clean everything and lose three-four hours. It's better to organize your cleaning chores and do them according to your cleaning plan. For example, Monday is for dusting, Tuesday for vacuuming and so on;
  • Learn to put the things you use on their place immediately after you finish to work with them;
  • Learn to multitask, for example, while you're talking on the phone, fold the laundry;
  • Ask your husband or other relative to babysit your infant. This way you'll have time to clean without worrying about your baby;

All mothers know that keeping a flawless home with a baby is difficult and almost impossible task. But it’s okay not to be perfect. You have a baby, which means you have more important things to do. Set an acceptable standard of cleanliness, and ask for help when you need. Your main obligation is to protect your newborn from unnecessary risks which harsh cleaning products may cause. Be aware that toxic household cleaners are hazardous for children and can affect your baby's health in many ways, such as causing eye irritation, allergies, asthma symptoms, and poisoning.

These tips are easy to follow and bring great results. I bet you have your own ways to keep your home clean and protect your child’s health. What are they?

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