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Why 2014 Is the Best Time to Invest in any Business

02Oh boy, tough subject here but this article's going to be a blast nonetheless. We're going to tackle 10 reasons why right now, this year is a rock star year to invest in just about any business. Let's not waste time and get right into it.

Reason #1: We're on the Cusp of another Techno-Leg Up

Yes indeed, tech innovation may seem like it's been picking up speed and it has. But, it's been a bit bogged down by all the fiscal calamity as well; somewhat slowed/stalled. Within the next six months there will likely be a break and when that happens we'll see a big leg up. Prepare for new and emerging tech-industry values to jump!

Reason #2: We're in a Startup Year

This is an era of the startup, and self-startup. These are gambles like most any other investment, but because there's so many it's like taking candy from a baby. The issue is keeping your ear to the grindstone so you can be one of the first in line with a new and exciting 2014 IPO.

Reason #3: Because Online Consumption is a Reliable Bet

We buy more and more stuff online for more and more reasons. Any business that has a foothold in that industry right now is likely to see moderate to fabulous growth this year and leading into 2020.

Reason #4: Much Lower Capital Risk

Sleek modern companies have far less overhead than the companies of yesteryear. There's less turnaround. There's the paperless office…no office at all probably. That's why there's such incredible potential funding returns. How many amazing companies are being made right now in dorm rooms that could use your investment?

Reason #5: Far More Transparency with SMBs

In order to grab attention in today's attention economy it takes substantially more transparency which means much more informed decisions on your end as the investor. For online companies you can get mountains of free analytics and data to show you whether they're really making waves or are just full of hype.

Reason #6: Early Retirement

This pretty much goes without saying for every year, especially for the 25-35 year old MBAs…it's never too early to begin saving for retirement. And, chances are it's on your shoulders. Will the same safety nets exist in 20-30 more years? How much wealth will it take to not only retire, but once you've retired be able to live the life you want/deserve?

Start following an industry you love, like for example emerging space exploration companies. Follow these companies yourself. Their info is online. Start investing now so that in a decade or three you'll be able to afford some space tourism!

Reason #7: Because the Dollar is Getting Weaker

Fiat currency is going down. DOWN! It's circling the proverbial toilet bowl right now in fact. When the bottom finally falls out, the dollar takes a dirt nap and currency assets tank, solid businesses will be the sanctuary for the masses.

Reason #8: Two Words: Emerging Markets

Wow, look at how the pendulum of power is moving in our modern world. The balance is shifting dramatically and according to current projections emerging markets are absolutely brimming over with low-capital investment potential with great returns over the long haul. Take a gander.

Reason #9: Less Volatility

According to the many revelations coming out of Wall Street insiders, conventional assets are a rigged game. It's on the individual investor's shoulders now. The good news is that when you cherry pick great companies this year you've got far less volatility to worry about.

Reason #10: Less Devaluation

A good product or service is a good product or service. A solid business model is a solid business model. The capital you invest in the right companies is going to have better more reliable returns with less devaluation compared to what we've been watching over the last half decade.

There you go folks, 10 solid reasons without all the nonsense. Straight forward reasoning that should help you be a bit more confident and adventurous with your investing decisions this year.

If you have any questions, please ask below!