Understanding the Southern European Business Culture

The Southern European region has a diverse blend of cultures. The geographical region and climate influence the way people communicate with each other and how they do business. The countries in these regions follow similar business etiquette despite the difference in languages. Spain and Turkey are the important economic hubs of Southern European countries. For doing business in any region of the world, you must communicate with them in the language they understand. For instance, if you want to expand your Turkey then you must go for Turkish translation services.

Developing Personal Relationships

While doing business in any country of Southern Europe, you must understand their business culture. The best thing about their business culture is that they give importance to developing relationships with the stakeholders. Do you know that building strong relationships with counterparts is very essential for business growth and expansion? How can you develop a relationship if you don’t understand their language?

For this, first, you must mitigate the communication barriers with the help of professional translation services. If you want to expand your business in Turkey, then professional Turkish translation services will help you in developing networking in a foreign land. These services will act as an additional advantage because people of this region are very open to dealing with foreign business.

Moreover, people of Southern Europe know the importance of social media, and they actively participate in it. For this, they translate their websites in the language of the target market. On the other hand, SMEs working in this region are not aware of the potential of digitization. With the growth of digital technology, social media and e-commerce will soon become a part of their business strategy.

Difference of Cultures Among Countries

In this era of digitization, social media plays an important role in developing and maintaining relationship with business customers. You can spread your business in the blink of an eye with the help of digital platforms. But for this, you must know which social platform is being used in each country. For instance, Tuenti is used in Spain. Orkut and Hi5 are used in Portugal, and Fubles and Italylink are used in Italy.

In Turkey, social media is immensely used. Therefore, it is ranked number 4 in the list of Facebook usage and ranked 8th in the list of Twitter. People in this region know the importance of digitization. Moreover, they also know that they must communicate with the people in the language that they understand. For example, if you want to use Tuenti for the US target market then you must go for Spanish translation services.


Time is money. This fact is well-understood by entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs who want to expand their business across borders should understand that punctuality in every country is practiced differently. Do you know that in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy being late to the meeting is not considered against business ethics? On the other hand, Malta, Turkey, Slovenia, and Croatia give great importance to time. They expect the same punctuality from others. To know this information, you should deeply understand the culture in which you want to tap. How can you know the different distinct cultures? Native language can give you insights into the cultures. For instance, if you want to know about Spanish culture, then you must go for professional Spanish translation services.


Body language is a part of communication. People from around the world use different gestures. They must be very careful in using gestures. For example, some gestures that show respect in your culture might be considered offensive in other cultures. For instance, in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece making the ok sign with figures is considered offensive.

Do you Want to Start Your Business in Spain?

You are a Turkish entrepreneur and want to start a business in Spain. For this, you must understand the culture of Spain. The main differentiating part of Spain’s culture is their laid-back attitude. You will find Spanish people more relaxed and carefree in all aspects of life. The Spanish people love to enjoy and take part in social events. Another important thing about Spanish people is that they take pride in their civilization. They give preference to family values and consider that their family values are the founding stones for their business growth.

The Spanish people are also more heavy smokers than the rest of Europe. Therefore, they smoke in public places. But as a foreign entrepreneur, you must ask for permission before lighting a cigarette before your Spanish business partner.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to expand your business in Turkey or Spain, you must communicate with them in their native language. Moreover, language will provide you with insights into their culture. By understanding the culture of any country, you can resonate with your business strategy accordingly. For this, you must hire a professional translation company. They have a team of native translators that are born and brought up in the same region, so they are aware of the different dialects spoken in the region and know about cultural and regional intricacies. Therefore, they can provide you with professional translation services, which are paramount for your business growth in a foreign country.

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