Types and Benefits of Business Coaching for Improved Productivity, Strategy and Profitability

business-coachingBefore understanding the benefits of business coaching, it is important to understand what exactly business coaching is. Business coaching, which has risen in popularity over the past few years, is actually a broad term describing types of guidance focused completely on business. The term can be broken down further as career coaching, executive coaching or communication coaching, which focuses on a particular area of a business. There are many benefits to business coaching, including better productivity, improved long-term strategy, and, most importantly, profitability.

Better Productivity

As a business grows and thrives, it becomes difficult for business owners to manage all the responsibilities that come with a growing business. When someone creates a new business, they have a product or service that they believe will benefit others, yet many entrepreneurs have no understanding of the many facets involved in running a business every day. A business coach reviews the company processes, helping streamline and delegate duties that may distract the business owner. In addition, a business coach addresses issues that could be causing poor communication, conflict among staff members or unclear roles in the company. All of these factors can lead to dysfunctional teams and groups, which also lower productivity.

Improved Long-Term Strategy

It is easy to see what has to be done short-term to keep a business operating, but many business owners neglect to focus on what needs to happen long-term as the company grows or expands. A business coach helps owners identify long-term goals and provides guidance on the steps necessary to achieve those objectives. One of the best benefits of a business coach is that the owner has a clear path to follow as the company moves forward. Businesses without a long-term strategy are more likely to fail than those who develop both short and long-term goals.

Improved Profitability

Although people start a business to provide a service or product that they feel consumers need, the ultimate goal for any business is to make a profit. A business coach reviews income and expenses, identifying areas where reductions can be made to lower costs or improvements can be made to increase income. Many owners believe that the only way to improve profits is by selling more, when the fact is that reducing expenses also increases profits. Once a business coach has developed ways to improve productivity and helped develop long-term strategies, locating areas of spending that allow for reduction, along with areas where sales numbers could increase, will improve the bottom line. In addition, there may be areas where the business can expand into other product lines or other areas of service that may not have been identified previously. A business coach can identify those areas and offer you suggestions on how to develop those new areas.

Types of Business Coaching

There are several types of business coaching that deal with specific business problems. Some of these include:

  • Sales Coaching - This type of business coaching focuses on areas where sales can be improved, including prospect retention, creating quality lead follow-up procedures, and other methods to improve the selling skills of a sales team.
  • Time Management Coaching - One of the most important business coaching types for entrepreneurs, time management coaching will eliminate that overwhelmed feeling many startup business owners have. They offer suggestions on dealing with interruptions, managing communication, setting co-worker boundaries and teach good habits to develop for better time management. This type of coach can also help a frazzled business owner develop a better balance between work and home.
  • Business Leadership Coaching - This type of coaching is not only beneficial for business owners, but for upper-level management throughout the company. The coaches offer suggestions for employee motivation, delegation, and good hiring practices to ensure the right person is in the right job. In addition, the coach teaches proper training techniques so that a new employee learns the right way to do the job immediately, and develops the sense of loyalty to the company that the owner desires.

Whether you are a business owner just starting out with your dream, or have been in business for many years, the benefits of a business coach are unlimited. Using a business coach can improve profitability, productivity and help you set long-term goals that are achievable, giving your company an even better chance of success.

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