The Pros And Cons of Business Travel

business travelTravelling for business isn't always as glamorous as some people might think. Yes a traveller might get to go to an exotic location but the chances of them actually being able to see anything of any interest in quite small.

Instead they are stuck in a hotel, office or conference hall for hours on end not really experiencing anything of the country.

But there are some good things about travelling too, it can actually be very inspiring. Here's a comparison of some of the best and worst parts of travelling for business.

The worst parts of business travel

Finding power sockets for phones and laptops can be tricky when you are on the move. The constant search for plug sockets can be annoying. If you find a hotel that has plenty of power outlets then you tend to always go back to that one because it just makes it easier. The same is true for airports.

Getting into a routine with your health and fitness can be difficult. One of the best ways to lose weight or keep fit is by setting aside a certain time each day to exercise or cooking yourself healthy food. When you are travelling a routine is very hard to stick to which makes these things quite difficult to achieve.

This is why travellers who are staying in a certain location for a long time often make use of serviced apartments in the city they are in. Serviced apartments have their own kitchen s and cooking facilities which makes them great for helping business travellers to get into a routine with cooking their own food.

Claiming baggage after a flight can be another pet hate of frequent travellers. Sometimes the wait can go on forever and then your luggage doesn't turn up or then your luggage gets damaged. It doesn't matter if you are at the start of your trip or arriving home, it's all equally annoying.

The best parts of business travel

Occasionally business travellers do get to see some of the places that they visit. These are the moments that enliven the trip in some cases. Being paid to see an attraction that you might never have had the chance to see is worthwhile in many cases.

Getting away from the everyday grind of going to the office can also be great. Sometimes aeroplanes give you time to relax and get away from answering emails and taking phone calls, and give you a chance to get some time to yourself. It is easy to get stuck in a routine day in and day out, so a change of environment can make a real difference.

Trying new food in new places can be a perk of travelling. Very often you get taken out to a local restaurant, or if not it isn't hard to step out from your hotel and find a local place to eat.

Travelling for business can give you an insight into how different countries and cultures work and can inspire different working practices back home. It is easy to get stuck in our ways, thinking that there is only one way to work, when in fact there are new approaches that going to visit other countries can open our eyes to.

It is something to add to your resume and makes you a more marketable candidate. Having global experience can help you become more attractive to potential new employers and gives you another way to market yourself.

Business travel has it's upsides and it's down sides, of course it's often down to what you are actually doing on your trip and how you approach it.

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