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Steps to Mental Fitness Achievement

mental-fitnessBeing optimistic is not just a common fact, you also feel positive and confident. This article is on the best exercises for mental fitness and positive thinking. The more you practice and think this way, the better for your positive daily attitude.

1. Think about the future

One of the most important steps in achieving you goal for a positive attitude is the future orientation. Successful people not only think in perspective but they’re effectively planning their actions and responsibilities to rise to positions of leadership in different situations: personal life, employment place, society, and so on…

Studies of leadership showed that vision and thinking in perspective is very common among reputed leaders. Either we refer to project managers, great CEOs or individuals managing small businesses, all have vision in common; the vision of a better future for them, their businesses and their families. They’re effectively working the way up to this bright future to make it reality.

Even though less than 10 percent of population has future-orientated vision, these people are the society’s pillars and their ideas and actions actually contribute to its evolution and overall improvement. Possessing an innate mental clarity, future-oriented people always get answers to questions about what they do in 5, 10, 15 years from now and what they are currently working to achieve the respective goals. On the other hand, unsuccessful people tend to be vague about the future, unsure and confused about what they do, who they are and what is going to happen.

Another exercise you can have to accelerate your results and supercharge your thinking is “idealization“. In such circumstance you can dream you have all the opportunities and imagine a perfect solution for each and every kind of life issue: money, career, business, etc… Not only that you become more positive, but the chances to successfully carry out your tasks considerably increase. However, make sure your ideas are still coordinated by clarity and your dreams are feasible.

2. Think about your goals

Goal orientation is the second major aptitude of leaders. Most of the time, successful people think about their goals and what they have to do in order to make these goals reality. While future orientation is more like an ideal vision, goal orientation is precise, it deals with practical actions and methods which can be implemented immediately or not too late. Take a paper and start writing down your goals; successful people think with the pen in the hands. Written goals release hidden powers in you which otherwise would never come to light. Once you set these goals think of them day and night and ask yourself: “How to achieve’em?”. By empowering yourself and self-motivating you will be able to make progresses you’ve never dreamed of.

Highly productive individuals are goal oriented. They decide what they want, make a plan, set a deadline, constantly and hardly working on the project to successfully accomplish the task.

3. You have to be the best

Excellence orientation is the third attitude of successful people. They are good at their jobs, they come with effective and feasible ideas for the business success. To get to this point, three ingredients are necessary: make an excellent decision; once assumed, do something to improve it and-the most important-be constant with its improvement. When you are good at what you do, your life will completely change! You’ll have more self-respect, self-esteem and other people will respect and admire you and your qualities.

Excellence oriented individuals are the highest paid. They are excellent on what they do and always improve. Working in the one-skill area, they make the best contribution to their work.

4. Concentrate on results

Result orientation is the 4th attitude of successful people. Constantly focusing on results, they are planning, setting priorities and concentrate to carry out the task. High productivity and performance is strongly correlated with result orientation.

Here are some questions you must always consider answering:

– What are activities where I am competitive?
– What are the highest-value things that contribute to my work?
– What are my key-result areas?
– Will my job make any major difference to my company?
– How to manage my time to accomplish the task?

Getting excellent results is the focal point successful people strive to get to. Along with money and self-satisfaction, excellent results are basically what those individuals are rewarded with after having accomplished the task.

The most successful people concentrate on their results. They focus on effective results from their work while increasing their value.

5. Concentrate on solutions

Solution orientation is an attitude allowing successful people to find adequate solutions to specific problems. They are positive, creative, optimistic, always thinking how the problem can be solved instead of who is to blame. On the other side of spectrum, unsuccessful people think and talk about themselves, about their problems and become pessimistic, unable to come with a solution.

Depending on how skilled you are to manage problems and find solutions, translates to a good or, from case to case, an unsatisfactory income.
Basically, to succeed you have to become a skilled “problem solver” and find adequate solutions for any problem. Unsuccessful people solve little problems and sometimes they totally ignore them. To become a good problem solver you have to think about possible solutions all the time. The more you concentrate on finding them, the better you become in effectively finding and applying them.

6. Lifelong learning

Growth orientation is the 6th attitude of successful people. Optimistic people are committed to their future, are ready to learn new strategies, techniques and methods and practice new ideas. The future belongs to competent people, who know what they do, excelling in their field of activity.

There are 3 important steps to growth orientation:

– Read at least 2 hours daily and you keep your mind active and improve your knowledge.
– Listen to educational programs while moving around, driving the car or exercising.
– Attend useful seminars regardless of where they take place and you can afford to go to there.

To earn more, you have to add more value and develop the ability to make a better contribution. More learning ultimately translates to more money.

7. Act now!

The 7th attitude of successful people is the action orientation. Resolving problems very quickly and effectively is a quality possessed by less than 2% of active people. Although it is a very tiny minority, these people usually rise to the top of every field of activity. Quality vs. quantity, this is the question successful people have to deal with; the answer is simple: both must be achieved and… quickly.

The faster you move, the most self-esteem you get. The faster you move, the more respected you become and valued among your working comrades, quickly building your way up to the ladder. What that means? More money and even more responsibilities, of course.

8. Have a test every day

Test you capabilities every day. Are you still competitive? Are your ideas still up-to-date according to your future goals? Depending you pass or fail this test, you must consider the next direction of your life.

If you have any questions, please ask below!