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Top 10 Best Web Application Ideas For Startups In 2019

People are doing tedious jobs in different sectors but there comes a time when they get frustrated with routine life and realize that they aren’t doing justice with their capabilities. All a youngster have is little savings that he/she wants to use for establishing their business but they are clueless about ideas. This article is intended to serve as a beacon of hope with web apps and mobile apps for those upcoming entrepreneurs. The startup business model usually works around low initial investment which makes it extremely difficult to develop a product and then sell it. Therefore, ideas suggested in this article roam around theservice-based businessmodel to manage the risk in the best possible way for young talent.

Digital marketing services web App

Small businesses, local vendors and businesses intended to market themselves on a digital platform but it is really difficult to get a digital marketing expert due to the following reasons:

  • Local SEO (citywide) is easy it can be usually done within a month.
  • People think that they can promote their business themselves on social media platforms but most of them don’t know how to make your ads lucrative so that users stop by and read what you have shared. So, they allow a low budget for a digital marketing campaign.
  • Digital marketing experts usually prefer a full-time job or a high paying freelancing task.
  • Digital marketing experts hesitate to take local projects because they are afraid of conflicts in payments. Most of them have suffered a scenario where the local client didn’t even pay a single penny after getting the job done.

A web appand mobile app combo can solve this problem where local vendors will be able to hire digital marketing experts from the list of preregistered digital marketing specialists in the city on a freelance basis. Since the payments will be broken down in to advance payment weekly cycles. Digital marketing experts can also earn with affiliate marketing by linking their popular platforms and contents with businesses’ website.

Infographics Creation web App

Infographics are in huge demand for reports and blogging but it requires a talented designer and tools like Photoshop which is a comparatively big investment if you just need a couple of images. Online infographics creation web apps can be made which is loaded with dozens of dynamic web templates for users. All user has to do is pay for a day, week or month and then just fill in the information to create and download their infographic.

Online laundry service web App

Long office hours have bound everyone too busy routine where we need washed and ironed clothes but don’t have time to do the laundry ourselves nor to drop them to the laundry shop. A web app and mobile app combo can create a market place of local laundry services where the businesses will be notified to pick up clothes from a home on a predetermined time by the customer. The customer will have lots of launderers to choose from and can avail services listed under their business. All a startup business has to do is register launderers on this app against recurring membership fees and promote this app in the market.

Domestic helper service web App

People who are working in MNCs work parallel to different time zones remotely from their home country. Their time to leave for work and time to arrive home is flexible and abrupt which makes it almost impossible for them to hire salary based domestic helpers. A web app and mobile app combo can be developed for a business model which offers domestic helpers on user requested time, this model will per hour payment system with support for digital payment methods.

Tutor Service web App

Learning from online video tutorials web apps and mobile apps is an emerging trend in the market right now but the problem with online courses is that if a student has some doubts then the tutor will not be available in real time. So, you can get a web app and mobile app combo where tutors can register themselves. These tutors will be available in their locality and students can avail their services on a freelance basis from this web app.

Marketplace for local vendors web App

With tight work schedules, people now don’t even have time to go shopping. Local vendors have the capability for faster deliveries but they don’t have a digital platform where they can sell products.A business model with a web appand mobile app can offer an eCommerce platform for these local vendors, the local vendors can register on these platforms against a recurring registration fee or pay the platform with a percentage of their sales.

Home management web App

Project management tools have been a lifeline of the IT industry for more than a decade and they have made management easier with the Hawkeye over the whole organisation. As we have seen that people are using WhatsApp groups for managing home management errands but it disturbs other group members unnecessarily which makes it an ineffective way. A home management web app and mobile app where all the family members are added, whenever a task needs to be done like buying stables then workflow will be as following:

  • Member A can create the task and assign it to member B
  • Member B will get a notification in mobile and web app
  • Member B will complete the task and mark the task as completed
  • If Member B couldn’t do the task then depending on the urgency of the task this task will be assigned to member C after a time bound.
  • Member C will be prementioned as a backup by member A while creating the task.

Logistics Service web App

MNC work culture and HR policies of banks have enforced timely transfers of employees to put a curb on corruption and facilitate work environment. Now a huge chunk of employees lives in rented apartments and most of them don’t even prefer to buy a home. Every now and then they have to shift their homes so a web app and mobile app combo where local transporters are registered can serve as a boon to these people. Hiring a local transporter is a lot more cost effective than hiring a team from corporate logistics company.

Interior Designer Service Web App

Everyone wants a gorgeous looking home so people try to do it themselves but in no time, they realize they go over budget and didn’t even get what they desire. A web app and mobile app where interior designers are registered from different localities. Designers can showcase their old work and people canhire designersfrom these web apps and mobile apps who fits best in their budget.

Architect Service web App

Every one of us builds homes at least once in our life so every now and then we see someone building home in our vicinity. Once the whole work is completed people realize that whatever they have built with their own understanding is lacking the sense of perfection. To achieve the level of perfection we need a professional architect who really knows how to build homes and multistory buildings. The problem that we usually face is how and where to find architects, which creates an opportunity for young entrepreneurs. A web app and mobile app can bridge the gap between people and architects which will improve the level of perfection in buildings with this web app-based platform.

Legal Advisor Service Web App

Legal conflicts are a matter of greater sensitivity where people cannot afford the risk of hiring an attorney with low winning rates. Legal advisory services are not widely available on digital platforms but if they come on digital platform people will have a large set of options where they can hire a highly experienced attorney with a high winning rate.Entrepreneurscan get a mobile app and web app where attorneys will register themselves so that people can avail their services locally as well as remotely.

Intellectual property advisor web App

Intellectual property advisory is not a popular profession but every now and then businesses need intellectual property advisors for registering patents and getting copyrights but it is extremely difficult to find intellectual property advisors. Web app and mobile app platforms can work really well in the market as it will bridge the gap between companies and intellectual property advisors.

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